Monday, March 1, 2010

Mo' training week 4

Training this week was pretty interesting with all this snowy weather we're having! Needless to say, March is here and there are 40 degree temps on the horizon. While this will make for faster times, I'm not a huge fan of the ugliness that early spring brings.

Speed work:

I'm happy to report that my speed work averaged out to 10 seconds less/mile this past week! I'm pumped!

Hill work:

I had an awesome partner for hill work last week. My son! (He had the luck of not having school on Thursday.) As soon as I left from work, I picked him up and we were off. He got his 1/2 training in - and he did some hill work himself! Getting to the hill was the most interesting part. My son fell at least 4 times, me once. The ice was crazy! Eventually we got there, and it was on! During my hill work I'd pass my guy, as he'd be coming or going himself. I can't believe he was doing his own hill work! He did the whole hill twice, and the rest of the time he just went up and stopped wherever he felt like stopping before he ran back down. As for myself, the hill work went the same as the speed work! FASTER! I'm not sure how. The trail was crummier, and I didn't feel like I was going too fast. When I reviewed my Garmin data I couldn't believe it! Pumped again!!! This week should be even more fun, as my husband's on 1st shift and told me to wait for him so he could join in the hill work! Whoa! What's happening to my guys?

My guy :)


I spoke with Ray on Tuesday as he and Kev were zipping around Vancouver in their car, preparing to leave for Siberia. He asked how I was feeling, and I told him, "Well...pretty chunky!" So he just said "We'll take care of that!" and gave me a diet plan (on top of the workout schedule he gave me to last until he got back). Shucks! After hanging up I waddled to the store to buy all the groceries I needed. I was worried how I'd hold up, wondering if I'd want chocolates, cakes, chips, etc., etc. but for the rest of the week I was feeling fine! "I can do this" I thought. The only thing that really bothered me was coffee w/no cream, no sugar. Patoooie! ICK ICK ICK!!! Oh well, it's just a couple weeks. I just have hang on until he gets back :) I've already lost 8 pounds! It's amazing! I've struggled since September with this stuff! And it's coming off so fast!

The long runs:

I guess an 8 minute 40 second mile isn't all that bad, but I felt horrible. With no Energy drink, GU Chomps, NONE of that I was nervous and bummed to begin with. I LOVE my GU Chomps! I LOVE my energy drinks! SUGAR! SUGAR! Inside my body, just bare bones now. Breakfast, that's it. I must've been just a bummer to run with. (Sorry Emily!) Complete downer. The first half went ok, but then everything just got so, so hard. It was a struggle every single step. However: mentally speaking, I had started out negative - wishing I had my GU chomps. The negativity carried with me through the whole run. Now that it's over, I could kick myself. Should've started with a smile, should've done less whining, and just ran. Maybe I shouldn't have run the first part as fast - not knowing how I'd do without my beloved Chomps.

On Sunday I ran long with my husband, who FINALLY had off work! Nerves were high as the snow was piled high next to the side of the road, making jumping to the side impossible.

This week I'll be remembering the "long run" lessons of the weekend. Stay positive. Bottom line. Hopefully I'll see a few people at Green Jewel 50k this coming weekend - I'll be out there volunteering. Good luck to all who are running it, and have fun!

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