Recently a friend of mine, Vincent Antunez sent me a container of his product, Trail Toes. Trail Toes is a lubricant used to prevent blisters and chafing. I've tried it out for a few weeks now and I'm sold!  I admit I have not had much any issue with blisters as of late, so was worried I wouldn't be able to properly assess the product based on the fact that my feet have been fine and dandy for awhile now. HOWEVER. It seems I had forgotten some things in terms of winter running! Like the fact that my horrid CWX tights chaff me to no end. One morning I woke up for a long run, put Trail Toes on my feet- forgot other areas and went about my merry way. It didn't stay merry for very long though, as the chaffing from the tights began.  I did not bring my Trail Toes unfortunately and finished up the run in agony (yes there was bleeding by the time the run was over).  I had to run again the next morning of course, and this time I certainly did not forget which areas need the Trail "Toes".   Well lubed I stepped out and again was on my merry way. It stayed merry. Despite the chaffing being SO bad the day before (and me wearing the same tights) **washed** :-)  I had no pain, felt no friction, and was so relieved.  I'll definitely continue to use this product - especially now, but even when I throw my running tights in the trash. Vincent definitely knows his stuff!  And no lie there - this product was created by an ultrarunner for ultrarunners. Vincent has run a countless number of bad ass running events! Congrats to Vincent for making a superb product, I'm sure it will take off! To order some of your own Trail Toes please check out the website:

And also like their facebook page!


I typically don't wear headphones when I'm running, not even in ultras. They always seem to be a pain in the ass, and when I'm on the trails I like to actually be "in" the trail if you know what I mean. The first sign I get that I'm over trained & need a break is if I have to wear headphones when I'm on the trail. When I'm running solo on the road however I'll typically wear my headphones. ANYWAY - my husband and I bought some new headphones, cord free by SONY. It's a pretty fantastic little device! I thought for sure the headphones would come off while we were running, but so far no problems. All the controls are in the earpieces. If you're into running with music and don't like the cords that come with your normal Ipods or Mp3 players this is definitely a great option. The player weighs35g, you can fold it, twist it, and another bonus for those rainy days: It's waterproof.


I've finished reading Scott Jurek's book "Eat and Run". It's a great read - has some recipes that I'm excited to try and is written well. It was a bit strange for me reading the book and reading about some people I know (Leah, Caballo, Valmir). The book wasn't terribly long (translation: working, training, mom, wife can read in a respectable amount of time). Grab the book and check it out! You won't be dissapointed!    


I've had a few hydration packs in my day - but this one so far is the best. Previous hydration packs of mine have all been Nathan and Camelbak products. Those served their purpose, but they weren't fabulous. I had been watching my hubby run in his Salomon pack for almost a year now, and longingly looked at the way it just seemed to form to his body. It looked so comfortable, I had to try it.

When I received the pack I immediately thought it was made just for me, as their was a special little spot just for my chapstick! (FYI, Yes I am a chapstick addict.) From this point forward, it was instant love.....

I hadn't run with a hydration pack since October, so I assumed I would come off the first run having sore shoulders, as that typically happens with my Nathan and Camelbak. I was relieved to feel no pain at all! The pack, true to what I saw on my hubby, formed so well to my body and was so comfortable. There are many little pockets for extra things, with the larger pockets more torwards the back (If I would change anything about the pack, it would be to move those larger pockets closer to the front of my body). Due to this even distribution of items due to the locations of the pockets, etc, etc. there is one small problem. Anytime I fell while running on the trail with my Nathan or Camelbak, the one single main compartment would be so full of crap that when I landed it felt like I was landing on a pillow! During some races it was damn near comfy and I wouldn't want to get up. (seriously) With the Salomon pack everything is so well distributed, I don't get that big pillowy cushion :) Hopefully that translates into faster running times since I'll get up faster!

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