Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mo' training week in review: UNICEF GOAL = MET! WEEK 8 & the Nort Coast 24 hour Endurance Run


A milestone has been reached and I couldn't be happier! I've finally met my fundraising goal for UNICEF! Donations exploded this past week and it was amazing! It was a rough road as my original plan was to raise all the funds in relation to my first 50k that was in September. I did not meet that goal unfortunately, so I carried the fundraiser over to the upcoming Boston Marathon. I'm so glad I didn't just drop it and forget it, as my awesome friends have helped me reach and surpass my goal! This is by far one of the hardest things that I have ever done. Raising money is not easy! There were many ups and downs to this fundraiser. Through the end I learned that optimism is the only way. I had many great friends who stepped up to the plate! I was also amazed when people I have never met before donated. I couldn't believe it! Doing this is so energizing, it has completely recharged me. It's made me realize that there are so many amazing, caring people out there!

There are people who donated to my campaign who were struggling in every way themselves, but still managed to scrape a few dollars together for a good cause. I appreciate you! There were long time friends who donated. I appreciate you! There were coworkers who donated. I appreciate you! There were complete strangers who donated. I appreciate you! There were runners who donated. I appreciate you! I cannot thank all of you enough! I will be running the Boston Marathon thinking of all of you and thinking of all the children that you have helped! Please be encouraged and feel good about your donation by knowing that 90% of your donation will be going directly to the people that need it the most. You can see that facts here at:

After this long journey, my main goal will be to promote awareness of a wonderful organization called Impossible2Possible. I2P's goal is to educate and inspire youth everywhere. By their amazing use of technology they are connecting and educating kids around the world! Check out the I2P website at:

If you would like to donate to I2P - click on the link at the top of my page. Running Tunisia is coming up soon, so it would be appreciated! You can also purchase I2P gear!
Go to to make a purchase.

I2P's next adventure will be Running Tunisia. 5 Youth Ambassadors were selected to join Ray Zahab, fellow adventurers, and I2P ambassadors. They will run for 10 days - 200 kms total in an attempt to cross the country. Throughout the run these students and adventurers will be interacting with other students from around the globe, free of charge to educate students on an important social and environmental issue - access to safe, clean, drinking water. These schools/children will also be involved in fundraising efforts for non-profits such as Ryan's Well and GivingWater. Imagine - a program that educates, inspires, teaches social awareness and responsibility, and is FUN, all rolled up into one great big package! I encourage everyone to donate and parents - please contact your schools and ask the classrooms to follow I2P!

North Coast 24 Hour Endurance Run!

Last week I registered for my first 24 hour race, the North Coast 24 Hour Endurance Run! The run will be held September 19-September 20. This run will be a huge mental challenge for me, as the course is running a .9 mile asphalt track for 24 hours straight! One of the things that are exciting about this race is that it will be held in Edgewater Park, right in downtown Cleveland along Lake Erie and my family will be able to camp out right at the edge of the course! When they get bored of seeing me running circle after circle after circle after....(you get the point)they can head off to the beach, downtown, whatever they want and still be close by! This is a different race, completely different mindset and I'm looking forward to this event! I'm definitely going to need to toughen up mentally for this one!

On training:

It's been another great week and this has me completely pumped for the Boston Marathon and the Mohican 50 miler! Speed work is going great and I am actually looking forward to hill work now! (GASP!) Last week's hill work was the first time the hill was clear for me, and it made me SO happy. The hill work was a little easier due to the lack of snow and ice. My hubby came along and got some hill work in himself. I still don't do so great going up, but coming down AWWWWWWW YEAAAAHHHH! LOVE IT!

The QUALITY of my runs is way up. I'm enjoying everything now and can't see training any other way. Hills and speed are making me stronger and faster and it's been great seeing the results of my training and again I am completely pumped! No I'm still not the fastest and don't know if I could ever be one of those people, but just seeing my improving times - well - I LOVE IT! Just on a personal record basis, I'm so excited! I'm feeling great and loving every minute of my training :) Ray is a most awesome coach!

NERC Saturday long run and Sunday long run:

I ran 20 miles with the NERC this weekend and averaged a 7:53/mile! Another P.R.! On top of running it in (for me)a good time, I felt GREAT after! I wasn't tired, wasn't sore, I felt really good. I'm glad I could get a 20 miler in before Boston. It boosted my confidence and will now be going feeling a lot better about things. With less than a month away I'm so grateful that things are going well. Sunday's run was spent 1/2 solo and 1/2 with my husband. The beginning 8 1/2 miles were solo and I averaged a 7:57/mile for that. My husband's running was looking strong as well! He started out with a shorter distance in mind, but decided to go longer! (Which in turn made my run longer! ACK! 17.4 miles total for me on Sunday!)

This Coming Week:

I'll be running 26.2 on Saturday this week if anyone wants to join me. Just send me a message, and I'll give you the info. The run will be on trails. WOOT WOOT!


  1. Scooter1805 from tribal was just wandering if you made your 50 mile and I see its not till June at Mohican good luck. I have my 100 miler in Oct. I say take it easy it's all mental and take it in because it's so long untill it over.

  2. Thanks Scoot! I'm excited! Where's your 100 miler at? I was going to do a 100 miler in Oct, but decided on the NC 24 hr - since it's in September and closer to the school year. This way training won't be too much of an issue since it won't interfere w/my son's activities :) Good luck on your 100! I hope it's a great adventure!!