Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mo' Training week in review week 5, Siberian Express for Water, and the Green Jewel 50k


Last week training was changed up a bit to include 2 days of speed workouts. The workouts were particularly hard this week, as Ray had me start my week out with hill work! This made my speed work seem so hard, but it got done! The hill work was interesting, as there was just so much snow on the trail. This is the first time this year I actually wondered why I liked snow. It really had me doubting it as I ran the 1 1/2 miles to get to the middle of the park, and my hill. Someone or something had dug out a very narrow path which made it so hard to get to my hill. (NERC people think West Woods) My husband and son came with me though, and while the snow made my hill work rough, my family pumped me up with their high fives and positive comments. I was so grateful, and so lucky!


The guys are almost there! They've battled heavy winds, huge chunks of ice, and are still going strong! A great article was done in the LA Times on the expedition (see below for my favorite points of the article, and a link to the original)!

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Some favorites from the LA Times article:

It's 40 degrees below zero on Russia's Lake Baikal and the cold is debilitating.

Ray Zahab and Kevin Vallely are traveling 26 miles every day, sleeping four to five hours a night, battling snowstorms and consuming freeze-dried meals of spaghetti and chicken tikka.

Though the duo, who started out with 110-pound sleds, are attempting to cross the length of the frozen lake in 10 days, this isn't another extreme sports feat.

Instead, it's an attempt to educate and inspire more than 8,000 students in 37 schools across the country and Canada, as the explorers communicate via satellite from halfway across the world. A school in Germany and one in Russia are also participating.

"It's about showing young people that you apply yourself no matter what," Zahab said Friday by telephone from the world's largest freshwater lake.

You can read the whole article at:,0,5170398.story


One word: STRONG

Strong is how all the runners looked out there. They were so amazing, and smiling through the whole race. The sun was warm and the air was cold. I was a volunteer at mile 10 - the Rocky River Nature Center. Niall, Vince, Joe, and some others were already there when I arrived. It was fun talking to everyone and meeting new people. It wasn't long before we saw the first runner, coming in at a little over an hour! He was so fast! (He wound up being the winner) Next in came Lloyd, who I swear looked so strong every time I saw him. He makes it look easy! On the women's side Star Blackford and Terri Lemke came in at first and second place.

After our aid station closed I drove to the finish line and waited to take some pics. I would've liked to stay longer, but had to get going by noon. I apologize for all the runners whose pics I didn't get. You guys were amazing, and really inspired me on my run this morning!

Some pics from yesterday:
(All pics can be found on my facebook page - Green Jewel album)

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