Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mo' training weeks 6 and 7, UNICEF, and Breaking Records!


Week 6 was similar to week 5 in training. Once again weekend activities did not allow me to run with the NERC - but for good reason! My son was turning 13 on the 16th and wanted a few close friends over Friday evening. (He had chose to get new golf clubs instead of having a huge bash.) Sunday's run for week 6 was spent with my hubby - who had some stomach issues going on. It was a hard run for him, but he finished!

Week 7 was AMAZING! NUFF SAID! I'm getting faster and loving it! There was some concern with my hill work on Tuesday. I was completely pumped to do hill work (yikes, I know) this past week. I thought it would be so great, no snow or ice on the hill OR on the way to get to the hill! The first few minutes on the trails were fine and then......I saw it. SNOW. "You have GOT to be #%*@ing kidding me" is all I was thinking. And that was just me trying to get to the hill. When I finally got to the hill - more obscenities crossed my mind. I was heartbroken! I wanted to turn around and walk away - just walk away. My hill was nothing but ice. I had to do my hill work though - so I just sucked it up and started. The ice actually didn't change my uphill times, but going downhill was nothing but slow. I fell once - which wasn't really a big deal. Next year I HAVE to invest in some Yak Trax, do the screw shoe thing, SOMETHING. I won't be dealing with this stuff ANYMORE! And I LOVE the snow! Hopefully the ice and snow will be gone by the time I do hill work again - but who knows? I thought for sure after 60 degree temps and rain there would have been none LAST week and it was the most dangerous week yet! Sigh....

Other than the hill, all the rest of my runs were amazing! Faster and loving it! While doing speed work at North Chagrin this week I ran by an older guy who yelled "What do you think you're doing? Training for Boston or something!" Muahaha! That made my day! My Saturday run with the NERC went great - even though we were missing some awesome regulars! I ran the whole time with Crystal Basich - it wound up being 16.40 some miles. The beginning of the run I was a little nervous, as my lungs didn't seem to be working quite right - and I did not have my inhaler. (dummy) Around mile 5 is when it happened. My lungs just opened up, and I felt amazing! (Strange how they can just not be cooperating one minute - and the next minute be working like nothing was wrong.) I love the feeling I get the moment my lungs start agreeing with me. It feels like a miracle! The rest of the way I swear I did nothing but talk, and LOVED it! Sunday's run was 13 miles - and everything clicked for that one. Averaged 7:35/mile pace and I had started out telling myself that this would just be a "comfy" run! As I was running all "comfy" and what not I looked at my watch, and my pace at that time was 7:40! This weekend's runs were an awesome confidence booster, and I'm loving it! Tomorrow I'll be doing a fitness evaluation for the first time. I'm curious, and it's free at my work - so why not? I'm a little nervous about what it will say though!


OK so it's been awhile since I've plugged my fundraising for UNICEF - so here goes. Yes I'm still trying to raise money! It started out with YUTC, and I did not meet my goal for that. (I pretty much suck at trying to "sell" things) So therefore I have rolled that over into the Boston Marathon, and Mohican if need be. I have raised $295 of my $500 goal. I will NOT give up until I raise the whole $500. So many great friends have donated so far, and I thank you all! Donations don't have to be a lot. Every dollar counts, so if you could please donate I'd love it so much! My last donor was Eric Ford of the NERC. Thanks Eric and to all my other great friends! You guys (and gals) are the best! To donate just click the link on the top left hand side of my page. xoxoxo to all!


Ray Zahab and Kevin Vallely have finished their expedition! Their record breaking run is finished! They managed to run across Lake Baikal in Siberia in 13 days and 16 hours - breaking the old record by a week! Congrats to them for a job well done. They need some well deserved rest, although I don't know if Ray will do that! Running Tunisia will be coming up fast. Ray and the selected youth ambassadors will run/trek 200km across Tunisia. Youth ambassadors will be communicating their experiences directly with thousands of students across North America. Sponsors and donors are still needed, so remember - Sponsors get logos on website, potentially a spot in one of I2P's press releases (they go to news outlets all over North America), the potential for Ray to come speak at an event, photos of the team for marketing purposes, and a few other value items. If you have an interest in becoming a sponsor please contact (Bob Cox)

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