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February 8, 2015

This is it! Tomorrow I start my 108 Ultimate Yogi journey and am so excited! I will do a full product review throughout the 108 days - and updates on my own physical health as well. Hopefully everyone will find this information useful!

A little background.....

A mishap lead me to originally despise yoga. One day, I was all set to go to a kickboxing class at a gym - and lo and behold they switched the class at the last minute (for an unknown reason) and replaced it with a yoga class. Imagine being excited, all pumped up, all ready to move, to find out when you get there that the class has changed. Yoga and kickboxing are complete opposites! I expected to go to a class and "kick ass", yet I went to a class that was "calm".  I immediately hated yoga for that reason. (Not too open minded was I?!) It wasn't until I went to the Copper Canyon and my Mas Loco friend Ravi held an impromptu yoga class, and (gasp) I really started to love it. I went to a few classes at work on my lunch hour, and loved it even more. Yoga at lunch started to interfere with my running schedule - so I bought a few dvd's so I could do at home, on my own time. I have:
Tara Stiles
Rodney Yee
Elena Brower
Shiva Rea

The dvd's from these four are all great. However, I also recently came across a free YOUTUBE session of the Ultimate Yogi DVD series by Travis Eliot. I instantly fell in love and ordered the DVD set. My goodness, I felt incredibly amazing the whole day after I did that video!  If you would like to check out the freebie yoga class, here it is:
The Ultimate Yogi: Cross Training

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. If you did, here's the link to purchase the entire set: (p.s. I am in no way affiliated w/the Udaya) Ultimate Yogi

The DVD set includes 12 videos. They are:
Cross Training
Hardcore (around 20 minutes long compared to the others which are around one hour)
Yin Yoga
Gentle Yoga
Mountain Pose Series
Sun Salutations

There is a schedule along with the program. The first few weeks I will be doing the following dvd's:
Cross Train
Mountain Pose

There are a few concerns I had when purchasing the dvd set but I decided to take the plunge anyway. My concerns are:
#1. How will this affect my running plans? Will this be too much? My thoughts are no, since I already try to do one hour of yoga a day (try).
#2. Being on a schedule for yoga. I always ALWAYS have a schedule for running. So not having a schedule for yoga was rather nice. I basically did whatever I felt like doing on that particular day. So for yoga, this is unchartered territory. We will see. This is my #1 concern.
#3. Can I really do this for 108 days straight with my running schedule? I decided I will be careful if I need to. Since most of my races are out of town, I am expecting not to be able to do this in exactly 108 days, due to traveling/time. And that's ok. I'm going to come as close to 108 days as possible, but I will not be stressed by this. If I miss doing it one day, I will just pick it up the next! Simple!

Overall I think my concerns are not really a big issue, so this is why I purchased the dvd set. I will try and update every week! Eventually putting  before and after pics up to keep me honest :D

Hopefully you will find my updates useful. Everyone have a fantastic week!

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