Monday, February 22, 2010

Mo' training week 3

This past week started my "real" training for the Mohican 50 miler, and I was ready! Hill work and speed work were done - and this was actually the first time I did them with a set plan and not on a treadmill. What a HUGE difference!

Hill work

The hill work was unreal. I had to have picked the nastiest hill I could find. It wasn't long into my hill work that I asked myself why I would do something like that. However, when I finished (and my heart didn't feel like it was going to explode) I felt AWESOME!!! It was one of the best things ever! HA - I wanted to do a "Rocky" when I was finished, but was too tired.

Speed work

Speed work was done in what some would call foul weather, but the roads were pretty decent, only a few slick spots. That didn't stop an older gent who lives down the street from yelling at me. "YOUR CRAZY!" He screamed. I almost wanted to stop and tell him that HE'S crazy for sitting in his house! I mean, my god - it was over 25 degrees!!! Who cares if it was snowing? We had a heat wave going on outside!

Long Runs

Back to back "long" runs were the name of the game for the weekend. My Saturday run was done at race pace - 7 minute 51 second average mile. Hopefully I can get a lot faster soon! The only down side to my Saturday run was that it was alone. I wanted to concentrate on my race pace, and that meant no NERC run for me. :( I missed those guys! Hopefully my schedule for the week will allow for me to run with everyone Saturday. There's a fun run on Sunday that I would love to do as well, but we'll see. I'm crossing my fingers!

My husband and son's official 1/2 training begins today!!!

"Official" 1/2 marathon training starts for my husband and son today. My hubby will probably not be following the 1/2 plan (except the long runs). He runs a lot more than what the 1/2 plan calls for. My son will be most likely following it to a T though. Day one calls for no running!! Just cross training, so we're going to check out the Riverside Field House, which is free for Township residents. My husband has been going there for about 1 1/2 weeks, and it's right down the street, so why not? My son belongs to the Y, but this is much closer, and we can both workout together. The only thing it's missing is a pool, and again, my son has the Y for that.

On Boston:

I can't believe it's 2 months until Boston! YIKES!!!! We're so ready for a vacation though. Exploring the city will be like running a marathon itself! I'm wondering how Mo' training will go during that time. We'll be in Boston from Saturday until Tuesday. So I may be exploring even MORE of the city than I thought. By RUNNING!

Recipes that work:

It has come to my attention that I have not been doing my "Recipes that Work" lately! Hopefully next week I'll find some new recipes and post (if they aren't nasty that is!)

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Running Tunisia sponsors needed!

Good morning everyone! My coach for the Mohican 50 mile race is about to leave on an expedition to Siberia for I2P, and already concentrating on Running Tunisia! The student ambassadors have been chosen, and what a great group! (Read their bios at:

They'll be pushing themselves to the max and communicating with thousands of students across North America throughout it all, sharing in the adventure and the education. (Register your school at

I2P is educating thousands of students from around the world, and the kids are loving it! Check out the Bethlehem Catholic School to see how much fun the kids are having learning and raising money for Ryan's Well and givingwater These kids (the ones going on the expedition, AND the ones following along) are learning, and having fun with it! All the while learning important lessons in social responsibility.

Running Tunisia is currently looking for Business sponsors and/or individual donors. Give school children around the world the opportunity to experience this amazing event and others!

Online donations are accepted at: Before you submit your payment, please check the box "special instructions". To send your message, and let them know that this is for Running Tunisia!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Boston training, Mohican training, and the Run For Your Heart Race Report

What a busy week it's been! Training at work is over and I've officially started my new job and AWESOME new hours. I ran in some interesting weather this week and really can't complain one bit. How can a person complain about running outside after being chained to the treadmill for years?

NERC weekly group run:

Lots of great runners showed up this week! We had quite a few new people this week and we all had lots of fun. I spent most of the time running with Crystal Basich - an amazing ultra runner from the area. I swear we talked the entire run! Ernie Richman got the tough guy medal this week:


Boston Marathon and Mohican 50 mile training:

Low intensity is over and the real work is about to begin! I have my schedule for the week and it looks like a REAL runner's schedule, thanks to coach Ray! No more going out and just running. I'm pumped to start! With never doing XC or track in high school I'm already learning a lot. I've read so many books on running with none of it really making much sense. After talking to Ray I'm starting to put the pieces together. We spoke on Thursday to go over the plan for this week. Despite him seeming so busy he could still sense that something was wrong with me the day we spoke - and told me so. How busy he is but still so in tune with what's going on! Yes something was bothering me, but it was a bum day :( Nothing to do with running thank goodness! I'm still pretty shocked though, that here's this crazy busy guy but still he can tell when something's wrong. I'm amazed and so grateful!

Run with your heart race report:

Thanks to Beth and all the volunteers who helped with this great event! I'm sure she's going to sleep tonight exhausted but with a smile on her face :)

My son ran the 8k and I'm told had some pretty big supporters and good conversation along the way. It's always nice when someone comes up to you and tells you how polite your kid is. Thanks Bob! And a special thanks to Beth, Ann, and Daniel for taking the time to chat with him!

I ran the whole race today not to be competitive, but to have fun and run alongside my husband in his first race ever! He ran the 15k and did it with style! His plan was to run it in 2 hours, but he did it in 1 hour and 40 some minutes. We ran with so many great people. Joe Trask, Daniel Bellinger, and Mark Anson to name a few. (Side note, Joe Trask is the t.p. vs paper towel guy from one of my early YUTC blogs. He gave us another explanation today!)

The run itself was snow packed, hilly, and beautiful. I found great joy in well, basically sliding down the hills as if I had skis on. Going up - another story. I stayed behind my hubby the whole time. (Crackin' that whip!) Running next to him wouldn't have really been possible due to the snow. We caught up with ultra-running "supasta" Mark after awhile. Embarrassment as I, when running with my head down almost followed Mark straight to the bathroom! That gave us a good laugh, and my husband and I kept on truckin'.

My man finished with a smile on his face, and tired body. I think after this run, him conquering the 1/2 marathon in Cleveland will be no problem! I'm so proud of both of my boys. All this made for a great Valentine's day!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Mohican 50 training week 1/Boston training week 8: Week in Review

So the first week of Mohican training is complete! Although, I guess it's not really training. Coach Ray is having me "push my reset button". Last week and this week will be reduced mileage. I did manage to get a couple of interesting weekend runs in however. Saturday's run with the NERC was windy and rough. The typically plowed bike path was not plowed at all. It made for some rough, slow running. Only a few people showed up (I think last week's run scared some off, what with frozen eyebrows, nose hairs, fingers and all!) However we did have a couple new runners, Sandi and Rachel Nypaver. They braved the cold to come out with us, and I was kind of bummed there weren't more people for them! We still had 7 people total though. (We lost two at the start of the bike path - I think maybe they stuck to the road?)

Sunday was spent running trails with my hubby. It was even slower than Saturday! It was so beautiful though! We ran many hills, crossed streams, and just enjoyed the snow. Speaking of my fab husband - his first race EVER will be on SUNDAY!!! He will be doing the 15k at Run with Your Heart! I'm so proud of him! He will always struggle with running more than I will, due to an unfortunate accident with his knee when he was younger. Him running 1 step will always be harder than me running 100 - but he's been pushing on and doing it! He's lost 25 pounds and counting! It will be a pretty amazing sight seeing him cross the finish line at Run With Your Heart! I can't wait! My son will be doing the 8k. I'm signed up for the 15k - but I'm not sure how I'm going to work that. I have to run a pre-determined length of time Sunday, and it's longer than 15k will take me. I won't be in competitive mode either since my runs are supposed to be easy right now, and that's a bummer! On the other hand, that should let me have some good chats with fellow runners. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday, and congrats to Beth for selling out the race!

Impossible 2 Possible Siberian Express for Water:

Not too much longer and the team will be departing! You can follow along at You can also submit your questions for Ray and Kevin to answer. So many questions have been submitted already. The event is a great combination of learning and adventure and it's free to follow! Follow along with your family, and cheer Ray and Kevin on! And if you're able, please donate to I2P at