Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stopping to smell the flowers

Before I start this post, if you're interested check out my "Family" tab for an update on today's Perry Fire Department Pancake Breakfast!  Also check out the I2P tab for a brief post on the "company picninc bwahahaa"  Now for my run post:

I mentioned in my last post that long runs were less than ideal for me.  I really have been loving the short and fast speed sessions.  However a run with a friend and some input from Ray on nutritional needs may have put the mojo back into my long run. 

I've started my back to back long runs up again and have been less than enthusiastic about that. That is until last week when we happened to start a run at the same time Mike Nicholson was there.  My hubby, Mike, and I all decided to run together. I've always liked and admired both Mike and his wife.  Before we started, Mike had stated "I was  going to run and take some pictures if you don't mind".  Instantly I said "Hey I used to do that!"  and inside I thought,
"What the hell happened, why don't I do that anymore?" And that was the beginning of a run with a few realizations. 

We ran and chatted and laughed the whole time.  I haven't had that much fun on a run in a long time.  (All the time wondering why).  At what point did I start to show up at the trail head, put my head down, and decide to "Lets just get this shit over with"? At what point did I lose what trail running really is all about? In the end, I decided it doesn't really matter.  What matters is that I knock that shit off and get back to how it used to be.

We run North Chagrin ALL the time.  Seriously ALL the time.  I thought I knew it inside and out.  But apparently not!   Mike showed us a few things that we both missed along the way, and the whole time I was both enjoying myself and kicking myself for being so lame.  My "put your head down and get it done" mentality really sucked.   I stopped noticing things, stopped exploring.  And truth is - when I was doing those things -taking pictures, stopping to look at cool stuff along the way I was running better, I was happier, and loved running so much more.  So I promised myself I wouldn't let it get to that point again.  As a bit of a reminder of my promise to myself my friend Steve Hawthorne posted today "Perfect day to run with Fools and friends! Be sure to check out the little flowers popping up everywhere. It's going to be a great day :)" A perfect reminder.  I also spoke to Ray about all this, and he wanted me to revamp my food stuff.  He gave me an EXCELLENT breakfast  recipe that I absolutely love.  The combo of the run with Nicholson and Ray's nutritional advice seemed to do wonders!  What happened this week? Over 30 seconds faster per mile on the road on Saturday than last week and 2 MINUTES faster per mile on the trail the following day!! Woot! AND I stopped to look at the pretty flowers on more than one occasion.  (And heard the beautiful birds, and noticed the beauty of leaves blowing in the wind.)  Simple beauty.  Thanks so much guys for making me realize I lost a little bit of something along the way! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


It's been awhile since I've done a "what's going on in my life" post so here goes! So many changes are happening, and all for the better.  I've got a new job, ANOTHER new husky,started a fundraiser for the Perry Fire Explorers,  and my son got accepted into Auburn's EMS program for his junior and senior year!  So many good things to keep me busy along with the running!

Since I've done a blog reorg (business people cringe, but in this case it's good) you can pick and choose which items you'd like to hear about - check out each tab above and see for yourself!

My new job and running updates will be below.  But the other info you can find in the following:

New husky = Check out my "Huskies" tab
My son's acceptance into Auburn = "Family" tab
New fundraiser = "Community" tab

So there you have it :)  I'm going to enjoy filling up the photography tab.  My wish is to take a new picture each week, but we'll see how that goes.  Until then feel free to browse through the albums I've got links to. 

I'm so please to say I got a new job!! I started my new position on March 11, and so far so good.  So very good! I enjoy coming to work, and don't even mind the 10 - 10 1/2 hour days I've been putting in! It's been such a relief - my stress is gone, my mood is better, and I realize now just how stressed I was at the last place.  I've only had 1 stressful day at work so far (and this stress I really brought on myself, as I failed to recognize I was NOT in the old place anymore).  This particular day my stomach hurt, I was exhausted, swelling - hmmmm sound familiar?! At the end of the day I realized what I did and was pretty mad at myself.  But was a bit happy.  YES happy! Happy because I realized I felt like this EVERY single day before and don't have to go through that anymore.  FANTASTIC!!  Just that thought alone lifted my spirits immensely!  At the last place I tried everything.  Meditating, Yoga, listening to comedy programs at work - nothing did the trick.  I'm so incredibly relieved.  The department is awesome, my boss is great, coworkers are fantastic - and here's the BIGGIE.....They are giving one of us the opportunity to work from home starting in June! I certainly threw my name in the hat for that one! Even if I don't get that chance it's ok, since my department is great.  This first work from home employee will be a guinea pig of sorts before they open up more spots for the rest of us.  Incredible!!!  So glad I'm here!

Since the day after I found out I would be working elsewhere - BOOM. Got sick.  Acutally I expected it and was not the least bit surprised.  The stress was gone, my body didn't have to fight the stress anymore and it was just letting go.  My cold lasted over an entire month though.  That was a bit aggravating.  I kept the runs shorter and did no speed work or hill work.  Just tedious boring runs which were brutal.  I wanted to feel my lungs burn, wanted to feel the ache of a good run in my muscles, but I was patient.  As I said I expected this and there wasn't really anything I could do other than just get through it and that was mighty fine with me.  Now the cold is gone and my awesome friend and coach Ray Zahab has given me my first 3 week training block back.  This week marks the last week of that block and I've already seen improvements. ( And LOVE the fact that I'm back to doing speedwork again!  To think I used to dread it in the beginning!!)  I'm starting to really enjoy the gnarly, brutal, shorter speedwork sessions over the mega long stuff.  I just love the feeling of working as hard as you can and those speedwork sessions give me that.  To go on a long run and have to pace yourself so you save some for the end has been agonizing to me.  I do have to say though, a recent run with one of our friends, Mike Nicholson really opened my eyes to some things on the long run - but will share that in my next blog.  So there you have it! First three weeks back at real training and things are looking up!  I'm pretty pumped and ready to get my next 3 weeks block!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Battle against cancer: W O N

This is a must see piece on our friends Mike and Beth Shaughnessy!  Job well done to runner friends John Telich and Doug Hermann of Fox 8 News Cleveland for putting this story together.  I've long been wanting to blog for awhile about our inspirational friends but didn't want to touch on such a private issue with them while they were dealing with so much.  But the good news is Mike is now  CANCER FREE!! Our time was spent this weekend at Mike's "I beat cancer party" which was a blast.  Mike and Beth are both such amazingly strong and inspiring people.  Hugs to you both!!

Please check out the story on them here: