Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ultramarathon training week in review: Week 14

This week felt great. The iron that I had started taking a couple weeks ago has finally started to kick in. I frequently get anemic - not due to running - and had run out of my iron pills about a month ago. I kept forgetting to buy them, and paid for it. Having remembered (finally) a couple weeks ago that I needed to buy them, they are finally started to kick in. More power! I also started making a protein shake in the morning to drink w/breakfast. I tried it plain at first, and it was NASTY as always. I just don't like the whole whey protein taste that goes on. However, I added a banana to the mix and YUM! It killed that weird taste that I hate so much. I bought this hoping to give up peanut butter. This drink has way more protein and way fewer calories than pb. Yeah it's a lot better than me sitting here eating spoonfuls upon spoonfuls of peanut butter. With the iron kicking in and the protein drink this week I was feeling super strong and energized. I did speed Monday, hills Tuesday, speed Wednesday, hills and speed combined on Thursday.

The Long Run:

The day started out with me driving to the trail trying to peel the spider web that I ran into on my way out the door off my face. Took me the whole drive to get it off. I started my run, and ran into another spider web.

The weather was perfect for a little while. The air was so good, my lungs were happy. Happy lungs equals a happy me. At mile 3 I got stung by something, possibly a yellow jacket. My leg still hurts #$%&^! Around the 5th mile it started to rain. This is fine by me as running in the rain is one of my most favorite things :)

At around mile 15 I ran up behind some poor unsuspecting man. I didn't think I was close enough to yell passing on the left, or behind you. I also had my music on, but he didn't hear it. I let out a really deep breath and I thought he was going to have a heart attack! The poor guy screamed, turned around, and ummmmm...#$% #$%#! He started laughing after a second though thank goodness. I felt bad, but I did have to laugh, too :)

At mile 22 I got a little encouragement from someone else on the trail. As I ran by he stepped aside and started clapping. Unusual, but it actually did pump me up for oh, I'd say a whole minute!

I finished my long run in 3 hours and 52 minutes. I felt really good, expect for a very short lived wave of nausea a bit later. It is so great to feel so good! I attribute this to the protein shakes and iron. Or maybe it was the 5 pieces of pizza I had last night. And breadsticks. And chicken wings. And salad.

On the Ultra:

I'm starting to get nervous about the Ultra now. It's less than 3 weeks away. I can't believe it! Only one more super long run to go (25 miles). There are going to be so many experienced, good runners there. I think I am really just going to be in awe of these people. People who have run numerous ultras from the 50k distance to 100 milers! Multiple times! And here I come bee-boppin' in with only a few marathons under my belt. It's kind of ran some marathons huh? lol. Hopefully I can gain a lot of knowledge from all these runners. I'm excited to meet everyone, but nervous about meeting people with such talent, too!

Here's this weeks breakdown:

Monday: 11 miles (17.70km) a.m. treadmill, sit ups, weights/2.2 miles (2.54km) outside @ lunch

Tuesday: 10 miles (16.09 km) a.m. treadmill, sit ups, weights - no lunch time run due to me

taking a late start at work to be able to help my son get ready for his first day of 7th grade

Wednesday: 10 miles (16.09 km) a.m. treadmill, sit ups, weights/2.2 miles (2.54km) outside @ lunch

Thursday: 9 miles (14.48km) a.m. treadmill /2.2 miles (2.54km) outside @ lunch

Friday: off

Saturday: 12 miles (19.31km) a.m. treadmill. sit ups, weights

Sunday: 24 miles (38.62km) trail run

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