Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ultramarathon training week(s) in review: Weeks 15 and 16

Ok all, so I slacked off on the blog for a couple weeks, due to be so busy - but I'll do my best to try and remember everything. Even now, I'm typing this at lunch because I know I won't have time later. It will be nice when things chill out for a bit. (Whenever that may be!)

It's been kind of a bummer the last couple weeks. Week 15 was spent feeling tired the whole time due to the fact that I did not allow a rest day for myself, worked some days around because of ziplining @ Hocking Hills. I just haaaad to get every mile in. Week 16 I started feeling a bit under the weather. The cold has followed me into this final week of training, and I'm pretty ticked off about that. It would've been great to end training feeling good instead of lousy, but Murphy's Law I guess.

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Here's my breakdown:
(lunchtime runs were not added since I can't recall which days I did/didn't run them. Eh, they're extra anyway!)

Week 16:

Monday: 10 miles a.m. treadmill, sit ups, weights

Tuesday: 9 miles a.m. treadmill, sit ups, weights

Wednesday: 8 miles a.m. treadmill, sit ups, weights

Thursday: 9 miles a.m. treadmill, sit ups, weights

Friday: 25 miles, trail - a poor time due to no rest day after last week's 24 miler. It was somewhere around the 4 hour and 30 minute mark. I forget the exact time.

Saturday: 9 miles a.m. treadmill

Sunday: 12 miles

Week 17:

Monday: 8 miles, treadmill @ the hotel - ziplining afterwards!

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: 10 miles, treadmill, a.m., sit ups, weights

Thursday: 7 miles, treadmill a.m., sit ups, weights

Friday: 15 miles, treadmill a.m., sit ups, weights

Saturday: 12 mile "long" run on trails - 1 hour, 52 minutes

Sunday: off


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