Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ultra marathon training week in review: Week 10

This week was so tiring. I couldn't believe it! The last time I felt this tired I had pneumonia. It was amazing. Being sick was not the culprit though. I know what was to blame. A few things, but mostly it was the way I ate. I absolutely gorged on the junk food this week. The quantities were......amazing. The entire week I felt absolutely horrible. But I didn't stop. I just kept on going as far as food was concerned. Even though I felt so crappy, I still ate every bad thing that I possibly could. I can now say I believe I have learned my lesson. No more junk until after the ultra marathon. And maybe not even then. I don't ever want to feel like this again! I'm telling you: double stuffed oreos, chocolate cake, ice cream cake, chips, hot cheetos - and it goes on and on. I didn't do so great with my water either. Also my sleep was screwed up, and I was extremely busy this week. I managed with a little under 4 hours of sleep each night. Which, I am used to only getting 4-5 hours of sleep, but anything under that is a big no-no. Amazing that you can be up for 20 hours in one day and still not have enough time to do everything that you want! Oh well, this week coming up shouldn't be so busy. My energy level was so far down this week, I didn't even cross train. AND I didn't even work it on the treadmill. No hills, no speed work - just flat line every single treadmill day. Hopefully this week will be better (should be with no junk food). My 20.8/33.47kilometer mile trail run yesterday was halfway decent. I did it in exactly 3 hours and 40 minutes.

Here is this week's breakdown:

Monday: 8 miles(12.8km) treadmill a.m./2 miles outdoors at lunch

Tuesday: 10 miles(16.09km) treadmill a.m./2 miles outdoors at lunch

Wednesday: 8 miles (12.8km)treadmill a.m./2 miles outdoors at lunch

Thursday: 11 miles (17.70km)treadmill a.m. No lunch time run - ice cream cake instead. It was good, but not good.

Friday: 11 miles(17.70km) treadmill a.m. Trip to the islands for our 10 year anniversary after that! :D

Saturday: 20.8 mile/33.47k long run on trails, very hilly terrain. 3 hours 40 minutes

Weekly total: 74.8 miles/120.37 kilometers

Don't forget I'm running for UNICEF! Please donate today!!!!

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