Monday, August 10, 2009

Ultramarathon training week in review: Week 11

This week was not quite as bad as last week. I was still trying to work off all that excess food I ate last week, but slowly I was feeling better. I got my speedwork and hillwork in. I ordered my first pair of trail shoes. I got them online, which makes me nervous. I didn't want to buy something so important without trying them on first, but that's the way it had to be. My local running shop didn't have trail shoes until September. Dick's only had Puma's (lol) And everywhere else I called didn't have the ones I was looking for. Adidas Supernova Riots. I bought them for the control, which I really need. Special thanks to Stan from Canada for donating to UNICEF! Please join him and donate, online donations accepted - just click on the link. Thanks Stan!

The long run:

I was feeling good, all except Saturday that is. For some reason my whole entire 24 miles I felt like I was struggling every step of the way. I'm not sure why. I ate right this week. Maybe it was the humidity, or maybe it was the new energy drink I decided to try that morning. It really did nothing for me-in fact as I was driving to the trails I was beginning to feel really tired! I made a mental note not to buy that stuff again. I pushed through though and finished in 4 hours and 17 minutes.

On the trail: I can stand a few road apples here and there, but some animal ate something that really didn't agree with them - and it surely showed Saturday. Oh man, the poo was EVERYWHERE! NASTY! I felt like I was dodging it the whole time. Somewhere in my first 2 miles my sports headbands blew off without me realizing it right away. When I swung back around though, I found one in the dirt and one hanging on a wild rose bush. I scared a few deer, and saw quite a few people on horses. The last mile had me running up hills and sliding down a bit, as I was pretty much done at that point. Maybe the trail shoes will prevent this from happening in the future.

Here's the breakdown:

Monday: 10 miles(16.09km) treadmill a.m./2 miles outdoors at lunch
Tuesday: 10 miles(16.09km) treadmill a.m./2 miles outdoors at lunch
Wednesday: 11 miles (17.70km)treadmill a.m./2 miles outdoors at lunch
Thursday: 7 miles (11.26km)treadmill a.m. /2 miles outdoors at lunch
Friday: 11 miles(17.70km) treadmill a.m.
Saturday: 24 miles/(38.62km) long run on trails, very hilly terrain. 4 hours 17 minutes

Weekly total: 81 miles/130.26kilometers

Don't forget I'm running for UNICEF! Please donate today!!!!

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