Thursday, January 14, 2010

Boston Marathon Training Week In Review: Week 5

There was a lot going on this week! I went to my first NERC meeting (and board meeting). I wish I had gone sooner! Andy Webb spoke about the benefits of track workouts. He has me convinced that I need them, and when the NERC starts them back up in April (after the snow is gone) I will definetly be there! They will be a big help since I never did track/cross country or any kind of sport in school, so I will now be able to learn all the "technical" terms of running. Also discussed in the board meeting: The NERC is collecting used running shoes to be collected at this Saturday's banquet. The shoes will be donated to the Ed Keating Center of Cleveland, a center for adults addicted to drugs and alcohol. If you have any shoes you want to get rid of get in touch with me and I will pick them up. We already have over 20 pair just by spreading the word via facebook! Thanks to everyone who has donated so far! I appreciate it!

This week in running:

My miles totalled to 75 this week - so even though I didn't take a rest day I think I am doing well in cutting back. Soon when I can stomach it I will be doing only 8 miles each day (Monday through Friday) with my long runs on Saturday in addition to more cross training. I didn't get as much cross training in as I would like this past week, but hope I can get my lazy butt in gear for the current week. Mileage reduction was kind of easy for me this week, as I ran 12 miles on Tuesday and felt horrible! I was planning on 16 - but stopped at 12 and laid down on my floor in a fetal position and did NOT want to get back up. And I didn't. I don't know what went wrong, I just felt like I could sleep all day! (Maybe getting 4 - 4 1/2 hrs of sleep does that to you?) Wednesday I ran my long run in the evening (something I hate to do) because I woke up in the morning and felt like I was getting sick. I took some Dayquil and went back to sleep until it was time to go to work. I thought for sure I would be taking the whole day off running, but I suppose the Dayquil did its thing. Luckily nothing was going on in the evening and I got my miles in while my son did his homework. Afterwards we went sledding, and I got some fun hill work in! Honestly though, a lot of time was spent laying in the snow enjoying the crisp, fresh air and starry sky. It was a beautiful night!

Gary the traveling blister:

I have a blister. No big deal right? But this one is sticking around. Being real bothersome. I've even named him. (Notice he's a HE right? HA!) His name is Gary. He's been around since Sunday. Each time I try to kill Gary, he comes back, and is slowly traveling down my big toe. JERK.

Treadmill no more?

So I am please to say I think a good majority of my running will be done outside now! Yes that's right! OUTSIDE!!!! Soon I will be in a new position where I work. This position will allow me to come in as early as 5 a.m. if I want! So of course I'll do that! I will still get up at 2 and do things like laundry, cook dinner for the evening, etc. and go to work. I'll get off at 1:30 and straight to the parks I will go! I'll still be home before my son, so this just completely makes my day. I can't wait! My hours will change sometime next month. This will also be helpful when I start my Mohican 50 mile training.

NERC Saturday run:

One word: OWWWWWWW! Our weekly NERC Saturday run took place as usual, but the route changed slightly to include a good hill that wiped nearly everyone out. Everyone except John Mack that is, who sped ahead with what seemed like an effortless attempt to reach the top. This gave him a heart rate of 220 at the time, so I guess it wasn't so effortless! (It sure looked like it though!) Afterwards meant coffee at Bellasano's where we met a couple who recently moved here from New York. They were a nice couple, and the wife was a swimmer who belong to a local swimming club. We all sat and talked swimming and running for a while - and it was nice to hear about her sport. (At sport which I completely suck at, by the way.) The couple left, and soon all of us NERC members followed. All you could hear when everyone got up was a bunch a groaning - everyone had their butt kicked today!

Sunday long run:

My long run for the week was held on my typical off day (for whatever reason I decided to do this!) I logged some miles on the treadmill until I got in enough miles to then leave with my husband and finish while running the distance he was planning on running. We both started out pretty tired (as we went out the night before since my son slept over his friends house). Eventually we came to some train tracks that led us fairly close to our house when following them. My husband had talked about running alongside them before, but we never did. Until Sunday. This was another kick in the butt. I cannot believe how rough it was! I loved it! It also got me thinking that running alongside those tracks would be great trail run practice! The big huge pieces of gravel made for some very difficult running. I'll be keeping this in mind once Mohican starts. The only downside is that there really aren't any hills. I actually think I would die if there would be hills anyway. So I guess that's a good thing.

Weekly breakdown:

Monday: 15 miles, treadmill, a.m.

Tuesday: 12 miles, treadmill, a.m.

Wednesday: 8 miles, treadmill, a.m.

Thursday: 8 miles, treadmill, a.m.

Friday: 8 miles treadmill, a.m.

Saturday: 10 + miles with the NERC. A toughie! To quote Charlie Bolek "These guys are gonna make me fast!" I agree!

Sunday 14 mile long run - partially on treadmill, partially outdoors with hubby

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