Thursday, September 17, 2009

Running my first Ultra-marathon for UNICEF in 2 MORE DAYS! Please donate!

I can't believe that it's almost here. Saturday is approaching so fast. I am nervous, excited, happy, and a bit sad that it will all be over soon. I can't wait to meet everyone! My bags are packed already. My brother called to tell me he'd be riding around the park on his bike during the race, which I think is the greatest! I will be needing him to give me a good kick in the butt now and then! My mom, dad, husband, and son will be there as well. One big happy support group :)

As most of you know, I am running this race & trying drum up some donations for UNICEF. I received two more donations today, from Mary Pietrocini and Joe Vasil of Ohio. THANKS MARY! THANKS JOE! And thank you to everyone who has donated so far. For those of you that haven't (lol maybe you're just waiting too see if I finish) here's a few words on UNICEF and what they do:

UNICEF: when first created the acronynm stood for the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund. Now it is simply the United Nation's Childrens Fund.

UNICEF works in over 1500 countries to provide children with health care, clean water, nutrition, education, emergency relief, and more.

  • Despite extraordinary progress, 24,000 children still die each day from preventable causes.
  • In Afghanistan, where under Taliban rule women and girls were forbidden to attend school, UNICEF is setting up literacy centers so that everyone can get the education they deserve.
  • UNICEF's School-in-a-Box kit, a portable classroom developed by UNICEF after the Rwandan genocide, allows children almost anywhere to attend class.
  • UNICEF distributes oral rehydration salts wherever children are suffering from illness and deadly dehydration caused by unsafe water.
  • In areas like Sudan, where the environment is hostile and poverty extreme, UNICEF distributes fortified foods like Plumpy'nut, a high-protein, high-calorie peanut spread. They provide children with vitamin A to keep them from going blind, and we give folic acid to pregnant women.

These are just a few of the many things this great organization does. Please take the time to donate by clicking on the link at the left hand side at this page. Online donations are easy, fast, and convenient. A few seconds can make a world of difference in a young person's life. Thanks so much!

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