Friday, January 27, 2012

NERC, GRT Training, and I2P Updates, Recipe and More!



Saturday there were a couple of NERC events that we attended. Saturday morning was the NERC Tri park trail run hosted by Guy Gadomski. This run was various distances. Before the run fellow friend and runner MAC pulled out an enormously huge camera. He works at WKYC - and wanted to film the runners for a commercial for the station. (Should be released soon, our scene did make the cut!) Our group (of about 20ish) ran back and forth in front of the camera a few times screaming "Go the extra mile!" I have to say, it was a pretty good warm up actually :) After the taping my husband, son and I ran with fellow runner Peg who is training for her first half through team JOA! Peg did great out there on the snowy trails! Later in the evening my son and I attended the NERC winter banquet (husband had to work). I used this as my cheat day, but still did well. I did not have any meat, but did have a piece of cake which I would have to guess included the typical eggs, cream, etc. My son on the other hand got a whopping plate of roast beef. And when I say whopping, I mean it! Anyway the event itself was a success - special thanks to Terese Dennison and Julie Weber for coordinating it all.


This past week in training brought the NERC Tri Parks fun run and another trail run the following day. The trails were still quite snowy on Sunday, and for the first time this year I saw some cross country skiers out there. There were quite a few, I can imagine they were trying to get all the skiing in that they can given the way the weather's been! Overall this week went quite well and I'm pretty pleased. I just wish the snow hadn't melted!


Check out this article in Breathe magazine on the upcoming I2P expedition, Expreso De Los Andes!

The Expedition website is now up and running as well, check it out here!

The website is full of great stuff! There's an 8 week challenge that students can sign up for and this time they don't have to sit around and wait for their school to start the I2P program, they can do it at home for free! Finishers will get an I2P bracelet and certificate of completion. There's also a teacher's challenge, Science of the Run page, and when the expedition starts you can go to the website for the live tracker, photos and videos. It's such a great program and one I strongly believe in. Parents check the website out with your kids! You'll be amazed!


So far so good still, things are only improving! My husband was getting a little antsy and craving a bit of meat, so I bought him the fake stuff - but no way am I touching that! I add it to his meals after everything is cooked. My husband is now at his lowest weight since Junior High. Incredible! As for me the weight loss is slower, but am feeling really excellent and that's what counts the most! And I got an added bonus the other day, I walked into a store and the cashier asked if I attended college at Lake Erie. I had no makeup on, and my hair was still wet from running outside in the rain, so I'll take it! It's been almost one month now without any type of caffeine and it's still unbelievable to me that I don't need it. There's a great store by us which helps - we don't have to go all the way out to Whole Foods. It's a small shop and the people are very friendly. It seems I'm always getting free stuff when I go there, too! Last week I got an eco shopping bag, this week they gave me treats for my dogs. Really excellent place and if you live in the area you should check it out:

1477 Mentor Ave. Unit D
Painesville Twp., OH 44077
Painesville Commons Shopping Center


Mon 930am-7pm
Tue 930am-7pm
Wen 930am-7pm
Thur 930am-7pm
Fri 930am-7pm
Sat 930am- 6pm
Sun Closed


On my quest for a healthier Pizza Crust I've decided to just use Ezekiel Tortilla Wraps. It's working out great! I love the Ezekiel bread and wraps and am purchasing them weekly. The bread can be purchased at Giant Eagle or Heartland Health, and the wraps I've purchased at Heartland Health.


Bake tortillas in 350 degree oven until crisp.

Take tortilla out of oven and top with the following ingredients:

Eden organic pizza sauce

red pepper

yellow pepper

green pepper

banana pepper

red onion



grilled eggplant


Daiya cheese (vegan) and meat substitute if desired.

Place back in oven and bake until cheese is melted (or if cheese less until vegetables are cooked according to your preference)



I've been meaning to order some sandals from my Copper Canyon buddy Barefoot Ted since we got back from the event last March. Time slipped away and #1 I'm forgetful, and #2 I'm slow. FINALLY I placed an order for some sandals after getting advice on which ones to get from my friend Patrick Sweeney. I recently received my order and the sandals are incredibly beautiful! I can't wait to use them! If you want to check out some of the sandals (huraches) you can go to Ted's website at . They also have shirts, extra laces, and bracelets you can order as well. Good stuff! Thanks Ted, Patrick, and Bookis!

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