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Training is now underway for the Glacier Ridge 50 miler in April and I'm completely excited! This week was the first week of quality workouts in awhile and I have come to realize that #1 I LOOOOVE quality runs and #2 I'm out of shape! Time to buckle down and get to work! Looks like I might get lucky and get to run in some snow this weekend, too. All in all it will be a fun weekend of trail running and MMA (more on that later) and we'll also be going an outdoor college hockey game at Progressive Field - Ohio State vs Michigan. Busy but fun!


With the New Year brings some changes, and one of which is MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)! We started going to Triple Threat MMA in Painesville. It's a pretty fun place and good people as well. The cross training seems to be doing me good as far as running is concerned. My son had his reservations when we first visited the gym, as he has never been a contact sport kind of dude. But the first time he hit me he started really REALLY liking it for some reason.......


Another change we've made is we're making another attempt at going veg. I've read quite a few books on the topic now and am armed with way more knowledge than when we attempted a vegetarian lifestyle over a year ago. And, we are not alone as many of our vegan/vegetarian friends have offered their help along the way. My son wants nothing to do with it - so when he is not at home he eats as he pleases. He's enjoyed the dinners I've made so far, so at home he's not really struggling :) My husband and I said when we first started out that we would have a once a month cheat day. It's been only 2 weeks and I personally have no interest or craving for a cheat day yet, the dinners have been incredibly delish! So we'll see after a month how we feel and where we're at, then make that decision. Also we won't be demanding at special functions, parties, etc. (because we go to soooo many). *note the sarcasm there* We won't stress if we don't know if there will be something there for us to eat or not. If there's not, well hey that's our cheat. So I guess we'll be able to call ourselves vegan for 90% of the time. We're watching this carefully. My main goal this time around is not necesarily weight loss but to FEEL healthy. A woman grows old of diets, trying to look like the airbrushed models in some magazine. If I loose weight, so be it - that would be a mega bonus. But that's not our ultimate goal. It's all about feeling good from the inside out. My body is in a period where it's trying to adjust to the changes right now, and while I haven't lost any weight I'm noticing some positive changes. They may seem small, but they are exciting for me. One example: my nails are long. I mean LONG. Annoying long. And strong. Before this they cracked easy, were brittle - and it's only been 2 weeks. I'm ready to cut them off I can't do ANYTHING with nails! Maybe I'll try and paint em one time first though. :) Other examples: I stopped needing coffee, I have WAY too much energy now (not a bad thing!) and I am sleeping better at night. Great positive things happening and I'm looking forward to many more!


I haven't posted a recipe for awhile so here it goes! This is something I threw together this week not really knowing where I was going with it, but it was a big hit with my men. I don't even know what to call it!

Corn Tortilla Sandwich thing a ma jigs:


Small corn tortillas, 1 large can black beans, 1 yellow pepper, 1 banana pepper, 1/2 red onion, 1 1/2 tsp cumin, 1 tsp garlic powder, 1 can corn

Mix all ingredients except tortillas in bowl. Cook in microwave 5 minutes.

Toppings: Chop 2 tomatoes, green onion, and cilantro - mix in bowl and set aside.

Chop 1 avocado, sprinkle with sea salt, set aside.

Cook tortillas in oven until crisp. Take out of oven and top with bean mixture, then the tomato mixture and avocado, and your hot sauce of choice. Top with one more tortilla and enjoy!


Of course my amazing friend and coach Ray Zahab is at it again! The newest expedition: Expreso De Los Andes! Ray will attempt to run approx 2,000km across South America ocean to ocean, passing over the Andes during the run! In the upcoming expedition there will be a main focus and goal of inspiring and providing the tools for students to start their own running programs. Such a great program, the website for the expedition will be launched soon so check them out at:

I2P Gear is now on sale again as well, get yours while you can! I have the gear and trust me it's GREAT stuff! See the catalog here.


Sony Walkman NWZ-W202 MP3 Player

I typically don't wear headphones when I'm running, not even in ultras. They always seem to be a pain in the ass, and when I'm on the trails I like to actually be "in" the trail if you know what I mean. The first sign I get that I'm over trained & need a break is if I have to wear headphones when I'm on the trail. When I'm running solo on the road however I'll typically wear my headphones. ANYWAY - my husband and I bought some new headphones, cord free by SONY. It's a pretty fantastic little device! I thought for sure the headphones would come off while we were running, but so far no problems. All the controls are in the earpieces. If you're into running with music and don't like the cords that come with your normal Ipods or Mp3 players this is definitely a great option. The player weighs35g, you can fold it, twist it, and another bonus for those rainy days: It's waterproof.

Have a great weekend and Happy Running all!

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