Friday, January 20, 2012

Glacier Ridge Training, OSU vs Michigan Hockey Game, and Impossible2Possible Updates!

The first weekend of Glacier Ridge long runs and I woke up to this big bunch of awesome:
Yes, that's my car under there!
Getting ready for the morning trail run I opened the door to discover over 2 feet of new snow that fell overnight! INCREDIBLE!
12 inch ruler didn't cut it!
Granted 10 minutes down the road we heard there wasn't even close to this much snow, the trails would've probably been ok to run on. However, the roads around our house were buried under 2 feet of snow (plows didn't come until somewhere around 4 or 5) and I could not get out of my house. I hung out on the treadmill for awhile, and got hopelessly bored. So my dog and I literally ran around in circles in my yard. 1 acre of pure snowy fun, and believe it or not our track was a lot bigger than the one at the local Y! (and a lot more fun at that) My neighbors watched as we went around in circles, I'm sure they once again were wondering what exactly was wrong with me. The day after snowpocalypse my husband and I went for a trail run at North Chagrin Reservation - nowhere near the amount of snow but the cold was biting. We started early morning when the skies were still dark - all but the beautiful big moon and sparkling stars shining down at us. It was a decent run, and we saw lots of beady eyes staring at us from the woods. It appears the deer like the snow as well!

My family and I were pretty excited to go to our first outdoor hockey game at Progressive Field Sunday evening. The excitement didn't last long, however. The so called "family" environment had planes flying overhead advertising "gentlemen" clubs. Hot cocoa was more expensive than beer. ($9 to be exact) My husband sat through one period until he conveniently dropped his mitten in the urinal, got cold and went to the car to wait for us. My son, sister, and I sat through another period until they decided it was time to leave. I'm not even sure who won - but one thing I am CERTAIN of is I wouldn't do it again. The whole atmosphere just plain sucked. Not too mention all the Ohio fans throwing snowballs at Michigan fans and pep band members. (Yes there were arrests made). Next year, I'm saving my money.

Awesome updates from I2P!!! In conjunction with Ray Zahab and Kevin Vallely's run across South America (1056 miles to be exact!) there will be a great FREE program for kids to follow. If your kids are interested in getting into running, use this program as a great intro ! It's an 8-week Physical Activity Challenge that they can do from home if their school is not registered for the program! (Which schools and teachers SHOULD register for because it's AWESOME!) For finishing the kids will get a certificate and I2P bracelet. Register your kids using the link below. Kids MUST have approval from a parent/guardian or teacher first!!! Encourage your kids to take the Student Challenge and follow along with their own training! Remember it's all free, I2P receives donations from individual sponsors and companies like Gatorade to keep programs at no cost to you!! Good luck kids!!!!!!
For student registration go to the link below:

There's also a teacher's challenge! Teachers click here to register, and while you're at it check out Principal George's story and goals. He'll be rockin it at the Ottawa half marathon in May!!

To check out the main Expreso de Los Andes website!

There's pretty amazing stuff on this website that you need to check out - these expeditions just keep getting better and better, the programs keep getting better - it's so amazing and...what's our favorite word? FREE!!!! Enjoy every minute of this incredible expedition and your own personal 8 week challenge!

Happy Running all!

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