Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reverse taper, my husband's first marathon, and the Amish Country Fun Run

Last week was spent in reverse taper mode. I wasn't sure how I would feel after the North Coast 24 hour race, but I'm glad to say I was pleasantly surprised! I started running again on Wednesday. I ran with the RHS teachers running group (one awesome group!) We ran from Headlands Beach to the Zimmerman trail and back again, a little over 4 miles. It was a good pace and I was completely pumped to be back on trails again! The rest of the week I ran 10k's - good recovery runs. Saturday's run called for a shorter NERC run for me (again 10k). Again I was pumped because it was kept under an 8 minute pace.

Gain some weight L!

I spoke with Ray and he told me to pack on a few lbs. Not tons mind you, but still - OH GOD! (I do this quite well, so I always cringe a little when I hear him say this!) That being said I followed orders! We headed out to the West Side Market in search for some good eats (translation-the gyro stand). We had over a 30 minute wait at the gyro place - but it's always SO worth it! Afterwards we hit up the Ingenuity Fest for some music and art. It was something different to do - and was a pretty interesting event.

This week holds just a few 5k's for me, and then it's back to business starting Saturday! Back to back trail runs for the weekend, some hard speed work on the schedule for next week as well as a fast trail run Saturday and running with my husband at Towpath Sunday! I can't wait to see him accomplish this amazing task - and I couldn't be more proud of him! He has struggles that only a small few know about, and to see him cross that finish line will be nothing short of phenomenal! LOVE! Good luck to all those running their hearts out at Towpath!

Amish Country Fun Run

Ok so I've planned it. The Amish Country Fun Run will be around 23 miles. It will start at my house and end at Mary Yoder's Amish Restraunt in Middlefield. There will be hills. There will not be trails :-( HOWEVER - there will be plenty of road apples to enjoy. The manager at Mary Yoder's is allowing us to park our cars there overnight Friday. Car pooling is suggested. All you need to do is figure out how to get your car to the restraunt Friday night. We will open our house (and yard if you want to camp out) to anyone who wants to spend the night Friday before the run. The run is completely self supported - I will post info on gas stations that will be available from point a to point b. This is not a competitive event by any means, just a super fun run. Hope to see everyone there! Sign up at:

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