Wednesday, September 1, 2010

North Coast 24 hour training, Riverside XC, Lactic Acid, and The Greatest People!

I can't believe it's almost here. My biggest event so far, the North Coast 24 Hour Endurance Run! I'm feeling many similar emotions that I felt in regards to my first marathon. Fear, excitement, wonder, doubt. There is a big difference from my first marathon though. All my amazing friends who are supporting me! I've met some excellent people since I've started running this ultra-running business and continue to do so! I keep thinking last year I trained for YUTC all on my own. Solo. Lonely. What a big difference a year makes! It's such an amazing community. A family really. A great big wonderful family that I'm so glad to be a part of!

Many of you have asked what you can do, how you can help, and have told me you'll be there for the North Coast 24! I love you guys! I really am so so lucky! And, not to mention my amazing family! My husband and son, who put up with me making tons of noise and heading out the door at 2, 3 a.m. for long runs. My husband, who has joined me for a 3 a.m. run, and for being my personal mausuesse after mega long runs! Also - they'll be spending the whole entire race with me at Edgewater, sitting, camping out, watching, crewing and supporting. I will certainly be returning the favor when my husband runs his first marathon in October, the Towpath Marathon! I am hoping to be recovered enough from NC that I can run alongside him, supporting him in his first marathon. Stan Hembrough from our great neighbor up north will once again be joining us, a month after his running his first ultra! And - last but not least - JEAN TOTH. She will be coming with us to Towpath and I hope (again if I am recovered from NC)I can run her through to the end after I run with my husband. Seriously, Jean is my idol. How can I describe her? The Energizer Bunny. Wonder Woman. 74 years old and still running marathons. INCREDIBLE! I've never met anyone like her, and just know I'm a better person because I know her! I never get tired of hearing her stories, and grin like a goof every time I'm listening to them. I love Jean!

I wanted to thank everyone who has donated to Impossible2Possible so far! You are all so amazing! It's a wonderful organization that really creates a domino effect of giving to everyone who is involved. I like to think of it as a real life Pay-it-Forward. Thank you! I got many new donations this week and have now reached the half-way point of my goal. My supporters:

Agnes Jung
Cyrus Taylor
Gregory Murray
Kelly Matter
Ronald Kageyama
Stan Hembrough
Tamara Musick
Todd Shannon
Pamela Rickard

Please join my amazing friends and my way cool sister in donating to this great organization!

It's easy, safe, and secure. Just go to the following link-your money goes straight to I2P!

Thank you all! Every dollar helps! Whether you give $1 or $100 it's going to an excellent organization, one that has benefitted and is benfitting people from Ohio!

Guy Gadomski always seems to come around when I need a good kick in the you-know-what. He had heard about my UTI episode the weekend before and called me that night. Sent me an email later in the week, asking to join me on my Saturday run. I definitely needed that! I had been running slow all week. I don't really know why, the weather was good, the meds were working, so I was frustrated. I admit I was pretty scared when I got his email. The last run we did together, 13 miles and clocked a 7:13/mile pace. I almost vomitted just thinking about it, but knew I needed this. While we didn't go out as fast as our last run we did keep it under an 8:00/mile pace (around 7:50-ish), which I was completely thrilled with considering my week. It felt amazing, and I'm glad Guy was there to help me get out of my rut! Charlie Bolek ran with us for a good chunk of time as well, and let me say he is getting SUPER fast! YUTC will be no problemo for my man Charlie! I can't wait to hear about his experience there! Charlie - you better call me at NC with an update!!!!

I knew about lactic acid, but I didn't really KNOW about it, if you get my drift. I don't think I've ever experienced lactic acid build up, as odd as it may sound. But yesterday it happened. I've heard so much about it that instantly I knew what was happening. I ran fast, again, considering last week - kept it at a 7:10/mile average. I was completely fine during the run, but when I stopped it hit like a thunderbolt. I actually said out loud "What the #&^@!!!" It was this immediate surge of pain. Not a nasty pain though (as sick as this may sound). You see I'm an odd bird. I think shin splints feel somewhat good. This was the same way. I'm still feeling the burn today, but managed a quick run with a new running group, teachers from Riverside High School - which I KNOW my son is just thrilled about (tee hee!) Haven't looked at the stats yet but I managed a 7:30/mile something pace. I felt a bit incomplete ending the run though, as I didn't have to run as long as everyone else. It was great to meet a new group of people though, and I'm looking forward to many more runs with this group. They were really friendly, and I'm a bit bummed I had to turn around so soon!

Riverside XC
My son has begun his second cross country season. I'm so proud of him, he's really taking on a lot this year. Drama Club, XC, Honors Classes - SHEESH! He's managing really well so far, but this IS just the start of the school year. Later on will also call for Ski Club and trying out for track. Busy Busy!

Cross Country is going good and he has improved significantly! It's amazing to see! Last year he was more a back of the pack runner.

I'm wondering if his training and running the Cleveland 1/2 marathon had anything to do with his improvement. I'm certain it has. And he did continue his running through summer, so he's pretty good at running in this heat and humidity. Not to mention he's also been skateboarding so much, as I logged endless miles in our local park. My mini me is looking good and feeling strong, and I'm one proud mama! I can't wait to see all the upcoming meets and cheer on the whole XC team. GO RIVERSIDE!

I mentioned above about the great number of friends that told me they were coming down to support me for the North Coast 24. I can't say how much this means to me. To see you all there will be so incredible - how could I possibly do anything but my best! I have goals within goals for this race. Time goals, mileage goals, best case goals, worst case goals - maybe I should just RUN and forget about it! My best races come when I'm having a blast anyway! We'll see what happens. It's a long time to be running, and anything can happen. All I know is that I'll try my best. I've had an excellent friend and coach in Ray Zahab, and completely trust in everything he has told me! I am stronger and wiser because of his training (but still just as stubborn, and still totally type A when it comes to training!). I'm so appreciative of everything, and damn lucky! The next big one has already been decided. July. 2011. VERMONT 100!

Thanks to everyone for all your amazing support. Family, friends - I couldn't do any of this without you guys by my side. Who could ask for more!

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  1. Looking forward to NC24 too! You should totally remember to have fun with it! Keep your goals in mind, but have a good time! Going around a .9 mile loop for 24 hours is a loooooong time and will wear on you. Good spirits make the time and miles go by faster!