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North Coast 24 Hour Endurance Run - counting down the days!

North Coast 24 Hour Endurance Run for Impossible 2 Possible
My goal is almost met! I have only $52 left to raise! I'm nervous I won't meet my goal in time though. If anyone can help, please do! Impossible 2 Possible is an amazing organization. The team is busy preparing for their adventure to the Amazon now, only one month away! Thanks to all the new donors that have stepped up - I love you guys! I know some of the donors on this list have fallen into hard times, and I really appreciate everything. You all amaze me every day!

I2P Donors to date:
Agnes Jung
Charlie Bolek
Cyrus Taylor
Daniel DeRosha
Gregory Murray
Jeannette Spada
Kelly Matter
Meggie Feran
Nick Zeman
Ronald Kageyama
Stan Hembrough
Tamara Musick
Todd Shannon
Pamela Rickard
Tom Turturice

Donations can be made at:

Reflections on 24 Hour Training and My First Year of Ultras

I can't believe there's only a few more days until my first 24 Hour run. With Ray Zahab's help training has been phenonmenal. I've pushed myself harder than I ever have and learned a lot about myself. There were easy training days, and HARD training days. When I look back now I can't believe I ran my first 50k nearly one year ago - Exactly one year from the start date of the upcoming NC 24 hour. Fast forward to present day and now it's been at times well over 50k's, back to back - week after week for training and it's just craziness! Craziness and I love it! I've learned so much during this time, it's completely different from my 50 mile training. Incredible is all I can think of. That being said, I am ready to relax a little bit after this. I'll still be running, but taking it down a notch for a bit and just having loads of fun. Long runs will be 2 hours here, 4 hours there, as I feel and as time permits while continuing my weekly routine of hill work and speed work. My next big race won't be until July, the Vermont 100 miler, so I have some time to chill and have fun! (Won't be slacking TOO much though!)

Upcoming fun events are:

#1. Towpath Marathon with my hubby (pacer for his first!), Stan Hembrough from Canada, and the great Jean Toth.

#2. Bills' Bad Ass will be in November, and I'll most likely be running alongside/pacing my husband for his first 50k! If he runs this it will be a great milestone for him. November of last year he started running, so to complete a 50k in just a year - amazing!

#3. Possible pacer for Oil Creek :D !!!!!!!!

#4. Fun Run to Mary Yoder's (info below)

During my rest time I'm excited that I'll have a little more time to do some other things I like. I'll be starting a new photo project, going to the West Side Market a TON (one of my son's favorite places - and mine as well!), cooking up some new recipes, and hiking and kayaking more with the family (especially now that the leaves are going to start to change). Since 24 hr training I've slacked off on the meditating, so I'll be starting that up again, too. I think I fell off the band wagon as far as that's concerned because I just figured, well - when you're doing 6 hour and 8 hour training runs you kind of go into a meditative state after awhile!

Fun Run
For some unknown reason I really want to do is a group fun run from my home to Mary Yoder's Amish Kitchen in Middlefield. It's 22 miles if you take 608, a little more if you take the bike path. At first I wanted to make it an out and back but I'm not really sure how many people would be up for that distance (and I want to eat at Mary Yoder's anyway - don't know how pancakes would work out mid-run!) The only drawback to making it a point to point is the fact that people would have to figure out how to get their car to Mary Yoder's so they can get home. My husband and I will drive out there the night before and drop a car off in the parking lot so we can get home. If anyone would want to stay at our home the night before they may. We have one extra room in the house. I'd like to make the run sometime in October after my husband's first marathon. Two weeks after may be a safe bet - we'll keep everyone posted!_

Final training weeks in review

Labor Day weekend was a wild one. One of my hardest weekends of running - and all because of the stinkin' wind! The weekend started out kind of hairy, as I wasn't sure what to do as Saturday would be the only day that could potentially interfere with my son's XC invitational. Miss that? NO WAY! As luck would have it, my husband was on second shift. So that meant he could drive my son to XC, and I could simply run there. I started out early in the morning Saturday, and it was pouring. The rain wasn't so bad actually, it was the WIND. It was horrible. And I was running into it for 90% of my run. There was nothing I could do about that, that was the direction my family was headed later in the morning! A couple times the wind actually pushed me backwards. I was clenching my body and cursing the wind with every step. I had just purchased an mp3 player since we will be allowed to use it during the 24 hr. I wanted to get used to running with headphones again, but it was pouring so I didn't take it out right away. An hour passed and I couldn't stand the sound of the wind anymore. It was still raining, but I took out my mp3 anyway. Only one hour in and I didn't really give damn if the thing broke. I just didn't want to hear that wind anymore! (the mp3 is safe, no damage!) 30 mph winds, Gale warnings on Lake Erie - what a crazy run! My son's XC team gave me a lift though - and it was the most simple, amazing thing. They actually passed me on the bus as I was running to their meet and started waving and smiling to me. That gave me a little surge of energy the last hour of my run. They're the greatest! I thought I would embarrass my son coming to the meet with my reflecto gear on, my spi belt (aka fanny pack, as he calls it), hydration pack, and headlamp - but I guess I didn't do too much damage! I was so relieved when I got to the meet and reached my time goal. I stopped, then had to do it all over again the next day. The winds were reduced by half, but I was feeling the effect of all that muscle clenching the day before. It was slower, and I still hated the wind. My husband joined me for 20 miles of the run and we ran to Fairport Beach.

This past weekend:

I had no more back to backs, just a long run that I took relatively easy. I wanted to enjoy my last training run, and for the first time througout the whole training did not set a mileage goal within my main goal of time. I ran, took pictures, stopped to look at flowers - all that girly stuff.

With all the stopping I was surprised at where my half-way point was-in Geneva! I saw really interesting things. I ran through Unionville (always heard of it, never saw it).

I ran past a strange house that I've named the Conspiracy Theory house. I couldn't really make out what point these people are trying to get across exactly - there are so many complaints thrown up there -all with a peace sign on the front door! I don't get it. Throw in a couple wineries and nurseries, and it was a pretty amazing run. An ice bath marked the end of my North Coast 24 Hour Training. One amazing, worthwhile, fun ride. I'll never forget all the support I received from so many people. You all have been so amazing, and I'll be thinking of everyone during my run. THANK YOU! I'm so excited and nervous, but am ready to give it my all!

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