Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Running Tunisia sponsors needed!

Good morning everyone! My coach for the Mohican 50 mile race is about to leave on an expedition to Siberia for I2P, and already concentrating on Running Tunisia! The student ambassadors have been chosen, and what a great group! (Read their bios at: http://impossible2possible.com/siberia/?s=event_info&e=team_tunisia)

They'll be pushing themselves to the max and communicating with thousands of students across North America throughout it all, sharing in the adventure and the education. (Register your school at http://impossible2possible.com/?v=home#slide_i2P_2010_H2O_Initiative:_School_Registration)

I2P is educating thousands of students from around the world, and the kids are loving it! Check out the Bethlehem Catholic School to see how much fun the kids are having learning and raising money for Ryan's Well and givingwater http://www.livestream.com/goi2p/video?clipId=flv_118b003c-9a6b-4d81-9feb-ba25a9fe058f. These kids (the ones going on the expedition, AND the ones following along) are learning, and having fun with it! All the while learning important lessons in social responsibility.

Running Tunisia is currently looking for Business sponsors and/or individual donors. Give school children around the world the opportunity to experience this amazing event and others!

Online donations are accepted at:

http://impossible2possible.com/?v=support Before you submit your payment, please check the box "special instructions". To send your message, and let them know that this is for Running Tunisia!


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