Monday, February 8, 2010

Mohican 50 training week 1/Boston training week 8: Week in Review

So the first week of Mohican training is complete! Although, I guess it's not really training. Coach Ray is having me "push my reset button". Last week and this week will be reduced mileage. I did manage to get a couple of interesting weekend runs in however. Saturday's run with the NERC was windy and rough. The typically plowed bike path was not plowed at all. It made for some rough, slow running. Only a few people showed up (I think last week's run scared some off, what with frozen eyebrows, nose hairs, fingers and all!) However we did have a couple new runners, Sandi and Rachel Nypaver. They braved the cold to come out with us, and I was kind of bummed there weren't more people for them! We still had 7 people total though. (We lost two at the start of the bike path - I think maybe they stuck to the road?)

Sunday was spent running trails with my hubby. It was even slower than Saturday! It was so beautiful though! We ran many hills, crossed streams, and just enjoyed the snow. Speaking of my fab husband - his first race EVER will be on SUNDAY!!! He will be doing the 15k at Run with Your Heart! I'm so proud of him! He will always struggle with running more than I will, due to an unfortunate accident with his knee when he was younger. Him running 1 step will always be harder than me running 100 - but he's been pushing on and doing it! He's lost 25 pounds and counting! It will be a pretty amazing sight seeing him cross the finish line at Run With Your Heart! I can't wait! My son will be doing the 8k. I'm signed up for the 15k - but I'm not sure how I'm going to work that. I have to run a pre-determined length of time Sunday, and it's longer than 15k will take me. I won't be in competitive mode either since my runs are supposed to be easy right now, and that's a bummer! On the other hand, that should let me have some good chats with fellow runners. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday, and congrats to Beth for selling out the race!

Impossible 2 Possible Siberian Express for Water:

Not too much longer and the team will be departing! You can follow along at You can also submit your questions for Ray and Kevin to answer. So many questions have been submitted already. The event is a great combination of learning and adventure and it's free to follow! Follow along with your family, and cheer Ray and Kevin on! And if you're able, please donate to I2P at

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