Monday, August 9, 2010

Northcoast 24 training and the NERC Cross Country Series

North Coast 24 Hour Training

So I've been busy. Running. And running. And running. Running in itty bitty circles, and running in big ones. My son is thrilled about this whole running in circles thing. He's been going skateboarding a lot! It works out nice as he can be at the skatepark while I am running and get to do his favorite activity - and I can see him every minute he's doing it.

I have come to a couple realizations this past week.

#1: Bats like my headlamp. And I do not like bats.

#2: Yes I actually have butt muscles, not just fat! And they hurt.

I was a bit bothered while running this weekend. The end of a run took me through a neighborhood in Concord. I was hurting. I was tired. I wanted to stop. Bottom line: IT WAS HARD. Many people were out doing things. Walking their dogs, landscaping, riding bikes. Now here I am - hurting, struggling, you name it - but every single person that I passed I made sure to say "Hi" to. I mean, that's what you do right? Be friendly? Dissapointment struck as not a single person said "Hi" back. Or even just threw out a smile. I'm used to the occasional person just looking at me like I'm a freak if I say hello to them, but everyone I pass? SHEESH! Maybe I looked like a crazy person, running along through their neighborhood - half dead haha! But this half dead person was still saying HI.

NERC Cross Country Series

The NERC XC Series begins this week! The series is a set of 3 5k's - cheap - $3 each! The runs are held at Pen Glen in Kirtland. They will held the next three Tuesday's and many XC kids attend as it's a great way to start to get back into racing for the XC season! Come down and have some fun, bring your family and have a picnic afterwards. Pen Glen is a beautiful park - come check it out!

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