Sunday, August 15, 2010

North Coast 24 Hour Training and the NERC XC Series - Race I

North Coast 24 Hour Training

Well how about this? I'm officially going along with everyone else and saying that I'm ready for fall. We haven't had a summer quite like this in a long time, and it's getting a little old really. Easy runs have turned into "I think I'm going to puke and pass out" runs.

NC training is going really well and I'm having so much fun doing it! I'm really liking this training! (Minus the puke and pass out stuff) This weekend was a blast as I ran with my husband and Eric Ford (Saturday) and Charlie Bolek and my husband (Sunday). Klutz me has fallen 2 weeks in a row now. This a.m. I got a mouthful of dirt and it was well, crunchy. Good stuff. I wonder if there's protein in dirt? Tops on the list for the weekend: seeing the biggest, most beautiful owl I have ever seen. This is the joy you get when you run early in the morning! After the rain subsided this morning we finished up back to school shopping for my son (hehe) and then it was off to the beach for some skimboarding action. The waves were great for it today! Back to reality though - blah - MONDAY!

NERC XC Series: #1

So I know I said no more races until NC - but this one was only $3 and my son had not run yet for the day, so we went. Going into it I knew I wasn't about to run like Speedy Gonzalez after an amazing training weekend, but it's always fun to run at Pen Glen. (My favorite time to run there, stupid as it may sound, is during wicked thunderstorms. The thunder just echoes off the old Halle remnants and is incredible!) In the end I wound up with 2nd place in my age group. This Tuesday brings race #2 with a potluck dinner at Guy Gadomski's house for NERC members. Last year he had 30 + people, so be prepared to eat if you're coming! I'm not sure if we'll be able to make it this week, it will most likely depend on what my son does during his XC practice for the day - but for everyone else interested: 3 bucks how could you go wrong? NERC does sell tshirts before and after the race if you'd like to purchase one. (Technical shirts! WOOT!)

Endurance Junkies

Check it out! Endurance Junkies has taken me on as a Guest Blogger. The first stories they are putting up are my race report from Mohican and a recipe of mine. The recipe appears to be going up first:

Everyone have a great week! Looks like temps will not be in the 90's, so that's always a plus! Happy Running All!

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