Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mohican 50 miler training: Week 12

Long Run

Lots has happened since Boston! I thought I was superwoman and decided I should go for a 5 hour run in the CVNP. With Ray in Tunisia, I wasn't really sure if this was smart or not so soon after Boston. The beautiful scenery and great company made it well worth the trip though!

I sat and thought about my over-booked plans for the weekend and wondered how the heck I was going to get everything done. (brother's visit, kayak race, long run, son's first 9 miler, cleaning, shopping, etc., etc.) Then while scrolling through facebook, I saw Nick Billock's post, he was running in the CVNP on Friday. I put in my request to leave work early on Friday (I worked 4 a.m. - 9 a.m.) and ditched the OT I had acquired through the week. It was worth it though! Kim Boner came to run as well, and I was glad to have company on the hot, humid day it was becoming. The CVNP always seems to kick my butt. I have to get out there more. It such a different ball game out that way, there's nothing that can really compare. Sure we have North Chagrin, but even that doesn't even come close to the CVNP in terms of challenging terrain.

I wish I didn't live so far away! It took me 1/2 hour to get to the Boston Store from my job, but an hour to get home. Blech. Still worth it though :) We got a pretty good history/geography/CVNP lesson from Mr. Billock. About half way through Nick and Kim left, and I was running solo. By this time the salt was already attacking me! I had sooo much on me already, this was by far the "saltiest" I've become on a run. I got home and my brother pulled up, and I had the great pleasure of tormenting him with my salty self. He said he never saw anything like it, and I asked him if he wanted salt with his dinner :) I did feel pretty gross, and a shower didn't even help.

Kayak "race"

Saturday a.m. called for a kayak race on the Grand River with my son and brother. I say race but we didn't go there to be competitive, but just to have fun.(LOL if you look up our standings, we all came in last place for our categories/age groups!) I even packed lunch so we could stop for a bite in the middle of the race. I wasn't sure how my son would do with the 8 1/2 miles. He did great though! It was a lot of fun, the rain held off, and the temps were good. The highlight of the event was my brother falling in at mile .75!
I was lucky enough to have my camera out, and caught a snapshot before his smile turned into an ice cold frown! Saturday made for good times, and we talked of all we could do this summer with the kayaks.

My son's first 9 miler!

Sunday called for my son's first 9 miler, and he did great! My husband, son, and I all started out late, a product of all of us staying up until 2 ish (the time I normally wake up in the morning) the night before. We were all so tired. It was humid and kind of nasty out. We ran on the Maple Highlands trail (paved) and he did great! The look on his face when he was done says it all....
This weekend calls for his first 10 miler. After that: The Cleveland 1/2 marathon for husband and son! Their first 1/2 marathon! They are going to do so well, I CAN'T wait to see it and run by their side! It's my turn to support them and I love it!

So far this week:

I spoke with Ray yesterday (called him Saturday and he was headed out on a plane to Toronto! He just got back!!!!) Anyway - he has put me on a "running vacation" until at least Tuesday when I talk to him again. No more than 30 minutes of running a day and eating whatever I want. (This kind of food talk is dangerous around me)Next week it's back on! I can't wait! Although I do need the rest - between doubling up on runs (my running and running w/ my son), yard work, overtime, and not resting after Boston I am so tired!

Impossible 2 Possible: THEY DID IT!

Running Tunisia is finished! The amazing youth ambassadors, $4,768.22 was raised for Ryan's Well and $11,372.84 was raised for Giving Water! View the wrap up blog at:


You'll be amazed! Beautiful scenery, pit vipers, and puking included! LOL! CONGRATS TEAM I2P on a job well done! Keep following I2P for more awesome adventures, and buy some cool gear!


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