Monday, May 10, 2010

Mo' training week in review: Week 13, The Step Forward 5k Race Report, and the Cleveland 1/2 Marathon!

Mo' training

Ray put me on a running vacation this week, no more than 30 minutes a day to keep the joints loose. So nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary to report on training this week (other than the fact that 1/2 hour turned into an hour when I got lost on Wednesday at North Chagrin!) Yeah that stunk.

Step Forward 5k Race Report

This race held a special place in my heart as well as my son's. The race was held to recoup funds a PTO mom stole from the school. Basically, money stolen right out of the kids hands. We had to run this. My son went to this elementary school and it is the most wonderful school. The principal is the greatest (Mr. Miley or, Smiley as the students call him) and the teachers are the best. I truly believe you couldn't find a better school than this one. This being said we came home on Friday and got ready for the race. It was held Friday evening. Evening races are always so unusual to me. What to eat before or what NOT to eat? Evening races during the week are also crummy since I wake up @ 2 a.m. during the week. I was going to sleep at lunch, but was too awake at that time so I couldn't. Was going to sleep a little when I got home, but was then too excited - so I couldn't. My son came home and we both got ready, then sat around until it was time to go. (By the way - the fuel of choice was decided. Power Bar before, dinner after) I was pleased to see so many NERC people at the run, and I have to say the race director noticed as well.

The start
My son and I took our respective places at the start. I was feeling either 1. gung ho or 2. stupid. I think it was more like #2. The race started and I shot off. Faster than the fastest guy even! All I could think was, "What the HELL am I doing!" AND "What the HELL am I STILL doing!" It didn't take long for the first place runner to catch me, and then came Weber! "We're only going at a 5-something pace you know!" I wanted to puke. I made an all too common mistake, my excitement got to me and I started out too fast and it cost me. Soon Rick Webb passed, and after awhile Mike. ARRRGGGHHH! (I have to admit I was having fun though!) I'm not sure what mile it was that Cassie came along, but she did and she was looking so strong! She passed me and I just thought...."Awwww shoot." I didn't realize it was Cassie until the end of the race! She ran smart and strong and absolutely deserved her 1st first place overall victory! Congrats Cassie! I was happy with my 2nd place, but am a little bummed that I can't record it as a PR, since the course was short. My Garmin had 2.81. YIKES! No matter though, this race was more about helping the coolest kids ever-the ones that attend Hale Road! As soon as I was finished, I turned in my card and went to grab my camera. Like a flash he came by, and I wasn't even ready! I so didn't expect to see my son so soon, but I did! I didn't get a pic, but I sure did yell! He did awesome and came out 2nd in his age group. I'm so proud of him! He did really well! It really pumped him up for his weekend long run, too.

The Step Forward 5k was a nice event, and kudos to Candice Richards for organizing and being the one to step up and take action for all those kids. I'm sure they all appreciate it and the effort will not be forgotten! Mr. Miley stated that between both the walk and the run there were 200 people. Not too shabby! Congrats Hale Road!

The Cleveland 1/2 Marathon

This is it. The time has come, the time for my husband and son to run their first ever 1/2 marathon! They've both worked so hard, pushed themselves further than they ever thought was possible. They ran their last long run this weekend and both felt really good afterwards. My son got his first blister after Sunday's run, and like a true runner he was quite proud of it. My son told me today that he can't wait until Sunday, that he thinks it's going to be so much fun. I'm glad he'll be starting out with a smile! When your last long run goes so well it does so much for your confidence level. I'm so glad for them! I'll be there and running alongside them, being the bag lady, lol. I'll carry water on my back in my hydration pack along with any supplies I think they may need - Gu Chomps, bandaids, etc. Yeah I'm still a mom and will probably overpack :) I just want to ensure that the experience will be really amazing for them!

The weekend is shaping up to be quite a busy one. Stan Hembrough is coming all the way from Surrey B.C.! (Vancouver-ish area) He and his friend will be staying here until Tuesday, so hopefully we can find him enough things to do! Saturday evening my family, Stan, and his friend will all be eating with my running club at a restraunt located in Mentor. Then the race. After the race I organized a get-together at the Hard Rock Cafe. So far we have about 16 people going for sure, so it should be good times. We'll all be sweaty and smelly, but who cares - because we will all be having FUN!!!

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