Monday, November 9, 2009

The upcoming Bills' Bad Ass 50k and a family of runners!

Bills' Bad Ass
Well the end is near. Bills' Bad Ass will be held this Saturday. A Bad Ass Fat Ass as the are calling it, more appropriately for me since the eating has not gone well and I've gained a few. I'm not feeling terribly confident about this one as far as time goes, since I have not been eating properly. Each week I have put off healthy eating until the next - until OOPS! 50k time! Aw well, it should be fun anyway. As for the food, we have bought a veggie steamer and used it for the first time today. All junk food is now out of the house, and we have been easing into healthier eating slowly but surely. By Dec 14th it will be 100% HEALTHY for a long long time (at least until Boston!) Christmas will be difficult, but it is absolutely possible. Especially since I will not be having Christmas dinner this year. The hubby and I both decided that we were going to take a break from that. I don't know what we'll do, probably go to the parents house in Ytown, but who knows. New Year's won't be as hard - so I'm not really concerned about that. Anyway, back to the running:

One final long run
Saturday was my last "long" run. Only 12 miles, but it was a good one! Ultra runner Joel was on the trails (the toilet paper vs. paper towel advice giver from the beginning of my YUTC training). He was accompanied by his daughter (who runs marathons & Ultras with him) and his dogs (one of which ran 3 hours with him last week!). They are going to be running the JFK. It's always good to see him, he's so inspiring! Ranger Andy was there (as always) leading one of his many hikes. The next time we go on a hike with him, I'll be asking him how crazy everyone thinks I am! :)

A family of runners!
That's what they called us as we ran by. It brought a smile to my face! My husband, son, and I were trail running together on Sunday! Yeah that's right!!!! My husband started running last week, and is loving it! He's tried before but has had a great deal of difficulty due to a knee issue. He's been wanting to get into it really bad lately though, and we went shoe shopping. I helped him pick out his shoes (I was almost too late!) While he was in the shoe department at Dick's, I walked around looking for my hydration pack. When I returned to the shoe department (thank god the person that was helping him was extremely slow) he had a heavy, clunky, unsupportive Nike running shoe in hand. I snatched that thing up so fast and told him NO WAY! The shoe was horrible. As far as I'm concerned, Nike is just a way to look cool as far as running shoes go. I quickly grabbed a pair of Adidas and had him try them on. He loved them instantly, and we left with his much better pair of Adidas. I'm so proud of him, he's been running 2 miles a day. He called me this morning at work and told me all he wants to do is run, run, run. He's got the bug! He went trail running this a.m.! I can't believe it! Can this be? My son running, my husband running, and both of them loving it? HAPPINESS!

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