Monday, June 15, 2009

I finally found one!

I found what seems by reading it, the perfect 50k training plan for me. Just the right amount of miles - pure awesomeness! I'm excited! The schedule has me starting um....last week - but I checked and actually did everything that was on the plan for the first week. PHEW! I'm completely pumped now! My only problem is now how do I work in the summer races that I like to do and still be competitve in them??P.S. 3rd in my age group for the Flag Day 5k. There were tons of people there. Really really fast people. I'm talking 50, 55, 60 year olds who ran the race in 18, 19 minutes!!!! They were amazing! I got the same exact time as the Captains 5k that I ran in May in which I took first for my age group. 21:48

YUTC 50k ULTRA MARATHON, September 19 2009

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