Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week(s) In Review!

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is pushing through the cold and snow! We've certainly had our fair share of nasty weather, but I'm so glad to notice that our area parks have been the busiest I've ever seen in winter! So proud of my NEO neighbors for sucking it up, not whining, and getting out and enjoying our parks in the winter time! Snow covered trees are a beautiful thing! Check out this list of 15 Natural Winter Wonderlands by CNN. The CVNP made the list! So thankful to have this National Park only an hour away. If you've never been to the CVNP please check it out! You won't be disappointed.

Despite the nasty temps and conditions full on training mode has commenced for us. Speed work is on! It's amazing how you run so fast it hurts in every way, and all you want to do is stop - then when you finally DO stop amnesia sets in and all of a sudden you loved it. LOL. So glad to be doing speed work again!

In addition to running I've just completed week 2 of my 108 day Ultimate Yogi challenge. There were some challenges outside of yoga this week that could have given me the excuse not to do yoga OR run, but I stuck it out and am so grateful. The DVD's are great so far! I've noticed I can handle stressful situations with a great deal of calm (2 cars breaking down in one week, to such an extent that it forced us to replace BOTH). I've never experienced this level of calm in "crisis" situations before. It's unreal!! The last 2 weeks (and first 36 days) have me doing the following DVD's in the series:

Cross Train, Hardcore & 10 minutes of Meditation
Cardio & 10 minutes of Meditation
Strength, Hardcore &10 minutes of Meditation
Yin & 10 minutes of Meditation
Detox, Hardcore & 10 minutes of Meditation
Vitality & 10 minutes of Meditation
Mountain Pose & Pranayama Meditation

I really love it, and it's had no ill effects on my running. In fact, I think it's improving things! I am having a hard time picking my favorite DVD. But I do know what my least favorite is, it's Mountain Pose. It's a bit boring to me, but it's really good that this DVD is on a Sunday after two long weekend runs, so I really shouldn't be complaining. The Detox video comes on a perfect day - Friday (my running day off), after a week of good quality running workouts.  I notice I'm getting stronger by the day. The hardest video for me is probably Yin of all things, because you have to hold the poses for the longest amount of time. I did notice an improvement already this week however, and I do like the video despite it being more difficult for me. The hardest out of ALL the material? The guided breathing techniques, not the poses! I've never really done any kind of breathing techniques, so this is all new to me. The first week I felt like passing out sometimes! It's going to take me a long time to master this. A VERY long time! That leaves the meditation. During the first week I decided to do my meditation portion while doing "Legs Up A Wall" pose.  Sitting in mediation for me is rather uncomfortable, and "Legs Up A Wall" has so many benefits, especially for runners! It's working perfectly, and I find myself going well over the prescribed 10 minutes. Check out this article on the pose:

In non fitness news, I leapt into the new year with a decluttered space. It took a few weeks, but it got done! I saw a great article on Mind Body Green this week (great website) on the benefits of de-cluttering your life. I highly recommend it! It's so refreshing to get rid of old, unwanted items. And feels so great donating items!

I hope everyone has a great week ahead! I'll be staying warm by running and yoga! Just remember spring is near!

Happy Running,

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