Friday, June 29, 2012

Training, I2P Updates, Eat and Run Review, Salomon Pack Review, and More!


The last few weeks of training have been going great, I have an awesome schedule thanks to Ray Zahab and have also been going to a self myofascial release class.  My running schedule has been building up in intensity and miles slowly but surely, just the way it should be. All my pieces and parts are feeling fabulous and I'm getting more excited every day!  The self myofascial release class is great, and I have learned a few handy tips.  All of a sudden I'm finding myself more flexible than I have ever been at any point in my life.  For the first time ever (EVER!!!) I can put my palms on the floor when stretching my hammies.  VICTORY!!!  
Before going to class due to many years of running and not stretching,etc I felt a bit like this:

And NOW I feel like this:



The youth ambassadors for Expedition Africa 2012 have been announced!  Congrats to all the youth who will make the extraordinary journey with the Impossible2Possible team!  These youth will travel for free to Africa, and will be running in Botswana!  Throughout their journey they will be relaying tons of information back to classrooms that have signed up for I2P's free program.  Teachers please don't miss out on the chance for your class to particpate in this extraordinary learning adventure!! The expedition details can be found here.  Teachers  - to sign your classroom up you can go to the Impossible2Possible site! Check them out!

Congrats kids! Enjoy your journey!


I've finished reading Scott Jurek's book "Eat and Run".  It's a great read - has some recipes that I'm excited to try and is written well.  It was a bit strange for me reading the book and reading about some people I know (Leah, Caballo, Valmir).  The book wasn't terribly long (translation: working, training, mom, wife can read in a respectable amount of time).  Grab the book and check it out! You won't be dissapointed!    


I've had a few hydration packs in my day - but this one so far is the best.  Previous hydration packs of mine have all been Nathan and Camelbak products.  Those served their purpose, but they weren't fabulous.  I had been watching my hubby run in his Salomon pack for almost a year now, and longingly looked at the way it just seemed to form to his body.  It looked so comfortable, I had to try it. 

When I received the pack I immediately thought it was made just for me, as their was a special little spot just for my chapstick! (FYI, Yes I am a chapstick addict.) From this point forward, it was instant love.....

I hadn't run with a hydration pack since October, so I assumed I would come off the first run having sore shoulders, as that typically happens with my Nathan and Camelbak.  I was relieved to feel no pain at all! The pack, true to what I saw on my hubby, formed so well to my body and was so comfortable. There are many little pockets for extra things, with the larger pockets more torwards the back (If I would change anything about the pack, it would be to move those larger pockets closer to the front of my body).  Due to this even distribution of items due to the locations of the pockets, etc, etc. there is one small problem. Anytime I fell while running on the trail with my Nathan or Camelbak, the one single main compartment would be so full of crap that when I landed it felt like I was landing on a pillow! During some races it was damn near comfy and I wouldn't want to get up. (seriously) With the Salomon pack everything is so well distributed, I don't get that big pillowy cushion :) Hopefully that translates into faster running times since I'll get up faster!


Big shout out this week to my sis, Kelly - who came running with my son and I at Girdled Road.  Her max distance thus far has been 5k, road.  She hit the trails Tuesday with determination and grit, and conquered those hills! CONGRATS SIS!!!


Last Weekend was the traditional Young Eagles free airplane rides operating out of the Geauga County Airport in Middlefield, Ohio.  I've taken my son nearly every year since he was old enough, and he always has a blast!

This year we took my son's friend Christine along for some airplane action - it was her first time on a plane and when she landed she was all smiles. These pilots are quite extraordinary as they use their own money for fuel for these flights, with most of them flying kids around for 4 hours - each group of kids getting 15-20 minute flights.  The lucky kid who gets to sit in the front of the plane gets to fly for a bit as well! Kudos to EAA Chapter 5 -thanks guys for another great flight!


With no volunteering duties we were lucky enough to have LOTS of free time last weekend! On top of the Young Eagles flight we were able to see my friend, Dan Holt, perform at the Beck Cafe in Lakewood.  It was SO unbeilevably nice just sitting outside, relaxing and listening to great music.  Thanks for the invite Dan!  Hopefully we can come out to more of these!

Yesterday was my husband's birthday.  He awoke to a car decorated to the fullest extent!

Party pooper that he is he drove his motorcycle to work.  Booooooo.

Father's Day was spent with my hubby. No car decorating involved. We went out to eat, played some mini golf, and went to the movies. My husband's movie of choice: Men in Black III.  I groaned a little bit on the inside when he told me that's what he wanted to see, but it actually wasn't half bad.  (Not really worth a trip to the movies for though!)

The day before Father's Day we went to Cedar Point, but not before going on a 3 a.m. "Goodbye Run" for Scott McGrew! Scott and his wife Bri moved to Washington (state).  I wish we would have had more time to hang out with them, as they are really great people who we're going to miss.  Scott had paced me at Beast of Burden 100, summer - and I paced him at Oil Creek 100.  My family and I met Bri and Scott at the Cleveland Marathon last year, right before my son was heading out to run his first marathon. 

McGrew family we will miss you! But remember......


Happy Running all!

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