Friday, April 20, 2012

Caballo Tributes and Hubby's 50 mile race


As the running world remains in shock regarding the untimely death of a great friend, some really beautiful tributes are showing up online. A memorial fund has also been created to help with funeral expenses and carrying on the CCUM - to donate go to

Links to amazing tributes:

Scott Jurek video tribute:

Scott Jurek/Runners World article:,8029,s6-238-511--14280-0,00.html

Steve Edwards, blog:

Fun pic Mike Miller created:

Many people wrote beautiful things about Micah, and I'm just wishing I could post them all. Seeing how he touched so many people is just extraordinary. Love you man......


This month my husband took over running my 50 miler, the Glacier Ridge 50 miler in Pennsylvania. I tweaked his training a bit (he also has 50's for Yo Momma in May as another training run for the Mohican 100) and bugged him about tapering (really bugged him - he's damn stubborn) and soon it was time for his run! I expected he would do much better than his first 5o miler that he ran (Mohican last year) because he's being doing lots of quality work. I really wasn't prepared for how much better he did though! He obtained a PR of over 2 hours, got 5th overall and an awesome finishers medal for his efforts (and what I believe is a permanent smile). He finished in 9 hours, oo minutes. I barely had time to make it from aid station to aid station and set up all his stuff.

My son still found time a bit of time to have fun though:
Get in and out of the aid stations. Don't linger. Have everything set so it can be grab and go. The temptation at aid stations is too great. Temptation to sit, temptation to overindulge in garbage, temptation to take it down a notch. I worried a bit when I saw him at the first aid station with the lead pack (a total of 5 runners). I worried even more when I saw him at mile 29 in 2nd place and extremely salty. *Error* Hubby did not pick up any ecaps or scaps before the race, he bought some horrible electrolyte tablets from the Vitamin Shoppe that he has never used before (NOOOO!) because he did not want to drive out to Vertical Runner. Tis' his only mistake of the race. They didn't work and he needed more salt and he needed it fast. Luckily the first place runner's crew gave us 4 ecaps to use and I spread them out for him throughout the remainder of the race. In the end their were minimal problems and he ran strong, with a smile on his face the whole time. (The only thing that matters!) The PR he got was just the icing on the cake! Congrats to my guy on an amazing race, and thanks to the race director and all the volunteers who were out there for so long and took good care of all the runners! Great people and a great race.

Happy Running,


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