Friday, December 2, 2011

Turkey Trot 5k Report

So it's done - our family's first Turkey Trot! We all woke up early on Thanksgiving Day and headed to the Y. I haven't done a 5k since right after the Boston Marathon in 2010. It was strange running a 5k race again. I've been doing lots of work trying to get faster, and wanted a PR for this race. A PR is what I got! 21 mins and 7 seconds. (However I did NOT beat my husband. HMPF.)

I'm torn between being proud of this race and disappointed in myself. Proud because of my PR, but disappointed in myself because despite what the numbers show, despite my PR, I didn't push myself. I ran easy the whole way and feel like I could've broke 21 mins. Breathing was good, muscles felt great, I just got in a comfy spot and didn't budge. I didn't even get sweaty WTH! That's a big indicator I didn't work it, that and the fact that I crossed the finish line and didn't grab anything to drink, because well I just didn't work hard enough to need one :) So I crossed saying both "YAY!" and "DANG IT!" I got first place in my age group and 6th place female overall, and I'm pretty sure this was the largest 5k I've ever run. Over 950 people registered and 750 people showed up to run. This was great news for the Y who didn't expect nearly that many people. (Soon after we got a letter stating membership fees for the year were not increasing for the first time since we've been members - maybe it's thanks to the runners!)

The cutest part of the whole race was a little kid I was running next to for nearly the entire race. I believe final stats have him listed as 10. TEN!! I just kept on watching him, smiling - wishing I had 1/2 of the competitive drive he had. He was trying SO hard, pushing it the whole way. He constantly would look back to see where I was, how close I was to him. I think he probably would have beat me if he didn't waste so much energy turning his head and looking back!! I actually felt bad when I passed him with 1/2 mile left because he was working SO SO hard. This great kid came up to me after the race and told me "Great job!" Competitive but great Sportsmanship - I LOVE IT!

The best age group award ever:

Thankfully I won a pumpkin pie, because the night before my son and I were doing the prep work for our Thanksgiving dinner and he accidentally put black pepper in our pumpkin mousse!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and some Turkey Trot fun of their own.

Happy Running!

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