Friday, May 6, 2011

One week and counting!


One more week and my son will be running his first marathon! 14 years old, 26.2 miles.

Back when he told me he wanted to attempt to run his first marathon I had my reservations. I'm not even sure there's an age group category for anyone under 15 running the marathon distance at Cleveland! I wasn't sure what to do - let him run it or make him wait? Would this be good for him or bad? As a parent I was at a crossroads, and ultimately made the decision to let him do it. Training has been going well, his last three long runs have unfortunately been all in the rain. I'm hoping we'll have nice weather on marathon day, but if we don't then he'll be prepared. (Actually with our weather what he won't be prepared for are sunny skies!) My son has just an 8 miler to do this weekend and that's it. Fun news as the Plain Dealer will be doing an article on him running his first marathon. The reporter will be coming to our home on Monday. She contacted the Northeast Running Club looking for a club member to do a story on - someone who's a first time marathoner. Exciting stuff!!! I'm really looking forward to marathon day. I probably sound like a broken record, but it will be so amazing - my son, my husband, myself all running together - crossing the finish line together as a family. Nothing will match it! Good luck to all runners who will be there, we'll be looking forward to seeing you. Give my son a big cheer as you run by! I was thinking of putting his name on the back of his shirt, but I don't think strangers would be able to pronounce it. (Rada - radum - rada what?) And...if I put just our last name on his shirt he'll probably get a million people shouting Colon! (as in intestine. um NO) instead of COLON! (pronounced cologne.) So, we'll just leave his clothing as is :)

It's like this:

Not this:


The Expedition Bolivia site is now up! The I2P team leaves May 12 for Bolivia. Follow along at

The site features a live broadcast schedule,videos, question of the day and more! 5 youth ambassadors were chosen to make the journey to Bolivia and will run across the world's largest salt flats. Total running kilometers equal 250, around a marathon a day for one week! Good luck to the entire team, and have a blast out there!

Don't forget, those who have to stay home can follow along - and schools can register to follow for free and participate in the Experiential Learning program here:

Did I mention it's free? 1 0 0 % F R E E !!! Kids I give you permission to go to your school and bug your teachers until they sign up for this FREE program!!


CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS!! We need you! What are you doing on June 5? If you say nada, come help out at the 1/2 marathon in Concord. Shoot me a message and give me your tshirt size, we'll find something for you to do. No experience necessary. If you've ever been interested in what goes on behind the scenes at a race, give it a shot! You'll feel good for helping, and learn lots! (p.s. if your name is K-Ten I'm told you can help but you have to stay away from the Gatorade!)


Me, Kevin, and Mike

The OUTRUN Bi Park Challenge was held this past weekend and we had a pretty good turnout. Zach Johnson organized the fun run, which was run in two of the area Metroparks, Chapin Forest and Penitentiary Glen. It was great to see so many people come out! The run was 25, 50, or 75 km. I was happy to be able to come. Ray gave me 35k trail to do for the day so I chose the 25km distance and just continued on for 10km after that inside Pen Glen. He told me to try and get a personal best out on the trail, so I was making an attempt at being speedy ;) There was lots of mud which made the run even more fun. (OF COURSE!) Thanks to all who came out, the weather was beautiful!


The team is finalized! The clothes and shoes have been ordered from Fleet Feet and we have a new sponsor as well - NUUN. It's getting more exciting as it goes on, and we're all pretty proud of this team. The final roster is:

1 Jon Paul Preston
2&3 Amy & Sean Hensley
4 Jeanette Spada
5 Mark Mlachak
6 Brian Pulling
7 Kevin Tenku
8 Laurie Colon
9 Radames Colon
10 Crystal Basich
11 Chris Basich
12 Zack Johnson
13 Jack Sharpe
14 Carole Moran Krus
15 Chuck-O Stusek
16 Mike Nicholson
17 Charlie Bolek
18 Pam Rickard
19 Jeff Sobieski
20 Brad Phillips
21 Lou Genovese
22 Brian Batke
23 Zach Johnson

Glad to be a part of an amazing team - amazing people, amazing runners! See everyone on the trails soon!

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